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Founded in 1958 by the present chairman, a chemical engineer, as a precision engineering and engine reconditioning workshop.  A hard chrome plating plant was added shortly thereafter, specialising in the chroming of crankshaft journals.  VescoPlastics is the oldest operating manufacturer of engineering plastics materials in Africa.

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VesconiteVesconite is a specialised thermoplastic made from internally lubricated polymers. Proved since the 1960's as an exceptional bearing material in demanding conditions, Vesconite gives low wear even in dirty or unlubricated conditions. Up to 10 times the life of bronze in dirty conditions. Vesconite has high dimensional stability and does not swell in water, in contrast to most synthetic materials which swell in water. For example, nylon swells up to 3% water and softens.

Vesconite Hilube

Widely used for pump bearing applications, in wind turbines and underwater renewable power bearings. To learn more about Vesconite Hilube, ask us at our booth.

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