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Tsurumi Pump is a world leading manufacturer of submersible pumps and recognizes that seawater pumps are indispensable to port and shipboard applications. Japan is a maritime nation with the sixth longest coastline in the world. Tsurumi Pump has performed field tests in various severe marine conditions over many years and applied the obtained know-how to develop submersible seawater-resistant pumps. Tsurumi also considers economic efficiency important and, therefore, designs pumps with “as many standardized materials as possible.” Tsurumi’s offers both a titanium pump line as well as seawater-resistant kits for its standard pump line that add a galvanic anode and a seawater-resistant special cast iron impeller to provide long service life and cost efficiency.

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Electric submersible pumps, Engine driven pumps, Generators

Reliable and cost-effective electric submersible pumps and engine driven pumps          enable Tsurumi to remain an industry leader in construction markets. Our customers know that while many pumps may look the same, only Tsurumi incorporates the most durable components into the final manufactured product.

Seawater Compatible Electric Submersible Pumps, Engine Driven Pumps, Generators

Reliable and cost-effectiveelectric submersible pumps and engine driven pumps enable Tsurumi to remain anindustry leader in the industrial, dewatering, and construction markets.  Our customers know that while many pumps maylook the same, only Tsurumi incorporates the most durably designed componentsinto its highly reliable product lineup. 

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