Titanium Marine Heat Exchangers

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100% Titanium Heat Exchangers for marine service. Engine Jacket Water Coolers, Propulsion Gearbox & Hydraulic Oil Coolers, Refrigeration Condensers & Chillers. Eliminate Corrosion with “Drop In” replacements for your original equipment. Units made to order, shipped globally. * Dealers wanted for USA & Int’l.

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New and Patented Safety Low Profile and Cable Routing Products

The patented Low Profile Design and FlexRoute products provide asuperior solution to the Maritime, Defense, and Oil & Gas industries.  The key design features a profile andretaining pocket that allows for improved performance and reliability while significantlyreducing crew and operation hazards at Sea and onshore. We only use the high grade USA produced material in our USand China (Xinlong) manufacturing facilities to meet the UL and Mil-Specenvironmental grade certifications. See how our patented designs extend life ofyour electric, communications, and propulsion systems by mitigating vibration/shockfactors and the UV and Saltwater/fog deterioration.

Titanium Marine Engine & Gear Box Jacket Water Coolers

Titanium Marine Jacket Water coolers for main and auxiliary engines, gear boxes and hydraulic power units.  100% Titanium for high heat transfer and zero corrosion.  Eliminate the need for Zinc anodes, paint and tube cleaning.  Extend your machinery life with cooler operating temps.  High sea water flow rates reduces fouling without erosion of tubes.  Used by the US Navy, deep water vessels, drilling rigs, workboats and cruise liners world wide.   "Drop In" replacements for easy installation.  Units in stock and made to order.

Titanium Marine Refrigeration Condensers & Chillers

Titanium Marine Refrigeration Condensers & Chillers for all refrigeration and A/C applications.  100% Titanium shells and tubes, eliminating all corrosion and the need for Zinc anodes.  High flow rates for maximum efficiency, low fouling and ultra-cold product temperatures.  DX and Flooded systems, designed for Ammonia, Freon and CO2 refrigerants.  Titanium Serpentine coils available for added cooling surface in the fish wells, enhancing dry and wet storage of product.  Special limited charge chillers with spray evaporation technology.   Units in stock and made to order.

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