Tees White Gill Thrusters

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North Skelton
Cleveland TS12 2AP
United Kingdom

Tees White Gill Thrusters provide full continuous thrust through 360 degrees to move a vessel in any desired direction, independently of ship speed. The bow or stern thrusters can be used as a completely independent means of propulsion and can be powered by any engine or electric motor of the required capacity.

All units are manufactured to the Survey Society standard as required (e.g. ABS, Lloyds). The units consist of an axial flow pump mounted within the hull with only two moving elements – a bronze pump rotor and a cast rotatable vaned discharged deflector. This proven design ensures long life, trouble free operation and ease of maintenance.

Rugged construction and dependable, trouble free operation make the Tees White Gill Thruster ideally suited for all types of ocean going and coastal vessels, harbour craft and river boats. Providing precise maneuverability, our thrusters are also ideally suited to all dynamic positioning (DP) vessels.

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T3S Vertical Shaft thruster

Full 360 degree, azimuth pumpjet thruster, available in a range of sizes up to 2120kw.  Flush mounted providing freedom from underwater hazards including grounding.

HJP Horizontal Shaft Thruster

Horizontal shaft azimuth pumpjet thruster providing full 360 degree thrust in a range of sizes up to 691kw.  Completely enclosed within the hull form giving freedom from underwater hazards and grounding yet still providing take home capabilities in the event of main propulsion failure.

CS Cross Shaft Thruster

Our cross shaft thruster is the most compact design ideally suited for applications of limited space or retrofits.  Providing full 360 degree thrust in a range of sizes up to 691kw.

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