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TDI designs and manufactures a full range of Marine Diesel Engine Air Starters designed for work boats and fishing vessels. The TURBOTWIN™ design offers the most power in the lightest weight package available. T30 and T100 models cover engines from 60 to 2500 HP. The TURBOTWIN™ series starter comes in four basic power configurations: The T20 (12.5 Hp) for engines less than 8 liters, the T30 (30 Hp) for engines in the 8 to 20 liter range; T106-F and T50-P (50 Hp) for medium sized engines in the 20 to 75 liter range; and T100 (100 Hp) for large engines in the 70 to 300 liter range. TDI has pioneered the use of turbine technology with its unique twin turbine-powered air starter for use on industrial, diesel, natural gas reciprocating engines, as well as a variety of industrial gas turbine engines. Tech Development, known internationally as TDI, is a part of GE Aviation Systems LLC.

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TDI TurboTwister™

The TDI TurboTwister™ is a line of extremely powerful, compact turbine air starters allowing one basic model configuration to serve a wide range of engine sizes ranging from 20-150 liters. We added more power and a complete start system in a smaller footprint. The line features these base models: T6A starter only, T6B starter-only with integrated relay valve, and T6C with a complete integrated start system including the starter, relay valve, solenoid, and control lines. TurboTwisters feature simplification of installation. They weigh between 36-38lbs (16.3kg-17.2kg) and have the flexibility to run 45-150 psig (3.1-10.3 BAR).

TurboFlow™Flow Air Regulators

New Air Regulator from TDI Improves Air Flow Consumption For Caterpillar, Cummins, GE, GM, MTU, Waukesha, Wartsila, Yanmar and Other Engines Tech Development (TDI) introduces its new TurboFlow™ Air Regulator which dramatically improves air delivery to the start system. The TurboFlow Regulator combined with other TDI start system components provides perfectly matched air-flow to the turbine starter for improved reliability and significant system savings. TurboFlow™Flow Air Regulators are used on engine start systems in the marine, oil & gas, power generation, and mining industries and on specific engines including Caterpillar, Cummins, GE, GM, Ford, MAN, MTU, Waukesha, Wartsila, Yanmar and other large engine manufacturers. TurboFlow can also be applied as a part of plant air systems or in applications where both high and low pressure differentials exist.


Because the Engine Availability of Your Work Boat Depends on the Start System. The original turbine type starter, the TDI TurboTwin™ is the most reliable, and most specified turbine air starter in the market today. The new T50-I (inertia-engaged) is the latest addition to the popular TDI TurboTwin™ line of engine air starters. This versatile, mid-size starter designed for engines ranging in size from 20-80 liters and in the world’s toughest environments. It is especially well suited for work boats where pipescale and damp salty air can effect other starters and where downtime can costs thousands of dollars. Inertia-engaged starters engage immediately – 100% of the time. The T50-I is the most resistant to contaminated air, and ideal for the dirtiest applications. That’s why most safety critical applications, from fire pumps to emergency gen-sets, specify inertia engagement.


INTRODUCING THE TDI TURBOGUARD™ Air Start System which not only cranks your engine but also protects it from potential damage due to Hydro-Lock. TDI’s New TURBOGUARD™ smart starter technology provides the industry’s first and only automated protection against engine damage caused by hydro-lock conditions. Visit for an informative video and learn how you can safe guard your engine and prevent costly downtime. Based on the reliable TURBOTWIN™ air starters with the same TDI Quality and Reliability and design which has been the leader in starting technology for nearly 40 years.

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