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SWOS is a full service synthetic rope fabrication facility located in Houston, Texas. For over 30 years, SWOS has been both a leader and innovator in fiber rope fabrication, specializing in high performance solutions for commercial marine, offshore, industrial and mining industries.

Products & Services


Barge and Lock lines

SWOS has an extensive inventory of high performance barge and lock lines readily available. From economy grade 3-strand polypropylene to some of the strongest, longest lasting combination ropes available, our product ensures long lasting durability where you need it most.  These lines are available in full coils and spliced to length assemblies. 

Chafe Gear

The key to preserving and extending the life of any synthetic line is proper chafe gear. SWOS provides custom fabricated chafing options for use in multiple applications, to ensure long term durability and prevent costly repairs. Paired with our high performance synthetic rope, our products protect the all around surface of your line, preserving performance life and ensuring operational success. Our urethane coatings, fiber sleeves, hook & loop systems and Chafe-Pro┬« stock is readily available for various rope sizes.   

Facing Lines & Wing Wires

Since the introduction of revolutionary fiber line, SWOS has supplied high performance, custom fabricated HMPE fiber facing lines to the marine market. Due to the inherent dangers of using wire ropes, these lightweight, flexible lines have proven to eliminate injuries, reduce makeup and knockdown time, and greatly reduce the number of deckhands required for push boat operations. Since these operations expose rigging systems to rough elements, SWOS will customize your rope with chafe protection and additives to eliminate abrasion and maximize the service life of your facing lines, preventing costly repairs. Along with our product packages, SWOS also offers a variety of field service options to you, such as installment, inspections, and even personnel training on site or in house. 

Ship Assist Lines

Quality matters, especially when it comes to the ropes used to maneuver large tanker ships. Poor quality fiber ropes absorb water and are prone to ultraviolet degradation, resulting in lesser service life and slowed operations. Over time, the cost of downtime, line replacements and added labor results in a higher cost of ownership. Investing in SWOS premium quality ropes can make all the difference in efficiency and cost management of your ship assist. Our HMPE pendant ropes are light weight and buoyant resulting in faster hook-up times. SWOS also carries top quality winch lines and working lines that are tailored specifically to endure marine environments. 

Tow Lines & Shock Lines

SWOSprovides custom fabricated tow and shock lines that deliver strength anddurability for barge navigation, rig transportation and salvage operations. Ourtop-quality nylon and polyester options for high elongation are ideal forstretchers of various size. Light weight synthetic tow bridles are also popularfor their buoyancy and ease of handling. Despite the obstacle or challenge,SWOS delivers high performing engineered solutions to accomplish the task athand, while demonstrating a commitment to safety. During the Stampede TLPtow-out, a SWOS synthetic tow system was used for the critical inshore portionof the tow as well as the offshore transportation and positioning, all whileeliminating HSE exposure and decreasing hookup time.

Deck Machinery / Hardware / Equipment

  • Chains & Fittings
  • Wire Ropes
  • Rope
  • Mooring Systems
  • Cordage