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Survival. Technology. These two words do more than merge to form our name. They encapsulate the essence of Survitec Group, the world leader in commercial marine, oil & gas, defense and aviation safety and survival solutions. We offer best-in-class brands with a reputation for quality and innovation. Our comprehensive portfolio of products for the Americas includes a full range of liferafts, marine evacuation systems, life boats, rescue boats, davits, lifejackets, workvests, immersion suits, public safety, fire-fighting equipment, fire suppression systems, EEBD, pyrotechnics, electronics (EPIRBs, PLBs, SARTs, personal AIS systems) and much more. We currently maintain corporate offices near Houston (TX), Miami (FL), Sharon Center (OH), Medina (OH), Vancouver (BC), St. John’s (NL), Halifax (NS), and Rio de Janeiro. We also have long-standing partnerships with local third-party retailers, dealers, distributors and service stations, resulting in the most extensive support framework for global customers.

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Commercial Marine Products

With over 160 years experience in providing best-of-class products to some of the leading names in the commercial marine industry... our reputation is unsurpassed. Some of the most notable brands we offer include Elliot, SurvitecZodiac, SSP, Crewsaver, DSB, DBC, New Wave, RFD, Brude, Survitec Survival Craft, Imperial, Braidner, Eurovinil, Unitor, Pains Wessex, McMurdo, Hammar, Palfinger, Daniamant, Electric Fuel, Ocenco, Interspiro, Reflex Marine and Donut. All of our products undergo rigorous quality controls to ensure we meet the highest standards required by our industry regulators.Click Here to view our catalog.

Our Service Network

With nearly 600 service and distribution centers worldwide, Survitec Group is by far the global leader for commercial liferaft and lifesaving equipment servicing. We provide unrivaled global coverage for 2000+ ports in 96 countries. Wherever you may be, there is a Survitec Group service station nearby.All of our stations are audited and employ both highly trained engineers and testing personnel. To find the Service Station nearest to you, click here.Survitec Group is always looking for new opportunities to expand our network. If you are interested in learning more about how to become a Survitec Group Service Station, please contact Paul Clarke.

Liferaft Lease

Also known as Global Hire, our Liferaft Lease is the newest program designed to address customer needs in an ever-changing industry. Our program allows you the freedom and flexibility to choose between liferaft exchange, hire or fully managed service... and gives you immediate and long term benefits.By leveraging the largest service network of any liferaft manufacturer in the world, we can deliver a simple, speedy and streamlined solution for maintaining liferafts while vessels are in port. Included in Liferaft Lease is a broad range of approved Throw-Over (TO) and Davit Launch (DL) liferafts, with capacities from 6 to 37 persons, all from world-class brands.When you visit our booth, please ask one of our Sales Representatives about Liferaft Lease so we can tell you more about this exciting new program.

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