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Summit Electric Supply’s Marine Division is a one-stop shop for all industrial marine electrical products, even low smoke, zero halogen cable. Services include in-house custom cable braiding, delivery, orders assembled to specifications, 24/7 emergency service. Nationwide sales: 888-326-5174

Products & Services


Drilmar Type T/N Shipboard Cable, Type P Rig Cable

Drilmar Type T/N Shipboard Cable, Type P Rig CableSummit offers a complete line of instrumentation-size, circuit-size and power-size marine cable for shipboard and rig use. Services include in-house custom cutting and specialty braiding. Plus, get all the related cable supplies you need for your project from our stock of cable hanging systems, glands, connectors, terminations, penetrations, transit systems and more. Sample cables listed below. To order, call 1-888-326-5174. • 90 Type T/N, 300-600/1000 volts • Single Conductor Power/Distribution Cable TypeT/N, 600/2000 volts • Multiconductor Power/Distribution Cable TypeT/N, 600/1000 volts • Control Cable T/N, 600/1000 volts • Signal & Instrumentation Type T/N, 300 volts • 125-XE,Type P • Single Conductor Power/Distribution Cable Type P, 2000 volts-HD • Single Conductor Power/Distribution Cable Type P, 600/1000 volts • Single Conductor Power/Distribution Cable Type P, 2000 volts • Multiconductor Power/Distribution Cable Type P, 600/1000 volts • Control Cable Type P, 600/1000 volts • Signal & Instrumentation Type P, 300-600/1000 volts• Three Conductor VFD Power Cable Type P 2000 volts

Low Smoke, Zero Halogen Shipboard Cable

Low Smoke, Zero Halogen Shipboard CableLow smoke, zero halogen shipboard cable is in stock now.

Roxtec Cable Transits

Roxtec Cable TransitsKeep your cable systems safe and functioning even in the harshest environments with Roxtec cable transits. Summit carries a full line of cable products and sytems by names you trust.

Hayata Hammerhead CT-7 - Easy One-hand Operation

Hayata Hammerhead CT-7 - Easy One-hand OperationThe Hayata Hammerhead CT-7 has a distinctive look, which is highlighted by its flat heavy-duty "hammerhead" nose that can be used to hammer down a cable tie head or tail if required. The CT-7 features a lightweight design that reduces overall installer fatigue, easy loading and unloading, heavy-duty zinc-plated construction for maximum corrosion resistance and easy one-hand operation. The CT-7 can be used with all sizes of our RollerBall Ties including the Double Loop Style as well as the entire range of Stainless Steel Ladder Ties.

Halogen Free, Low Smoke Density Fire Resistant and Flame Retardant Cable

Fire Resistant and Flame Retardant Power Cable - BU (NEK 606 P17)Fire Resistant and Flame Retardant Instrumentation and Telecommunication Cable - BU (NEK 606 S13)Used as fixed installation cables in various electromechanical and electronic equipments, emergency and critical systems as well as electric distribution and lightning systems.

Pauluhn™ ProMax Intrepid/nm Series Linear Fluorescent Luminaires

Pauluhn™ ProMax Intrepid/nm Series Linear Fluorescent Luminaires• Fluorescent system provides energy savings up to 50% when compared to HID• Third party certified for operation in high ambient temperatures, up to 65ºC (149ºF)• Multi-voltage electronic ballast resistant to brownouts or voltage and frequency fluctuations• Stainless steel latches, mounting feet, and lens retainers• Impact-resistant, UV stabilized polycarbonate lens• Shoc♦Loc™ bi-pin spring loaded lampholders for T5, T8, and T12 lamp types provide superior resistance to shock and vibration• USDA compliant materials• Meets Canadian Processed Products Regulations C.R.C. c291• Neoprene gasket resists petroleum• Three lamp models are provided with (1) single lamp ballast and (1) two-lamp ballast for independent switching or filter tube options• Optional self-contained emergency battery back-up ballasts

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