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StoneL provides valve communication and control and networking components that enable your plant control system to take advantage of proven, field-based digital communication technologies to minimize total life cycle cost.

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Axiom AMI

The Axiom AMI with wireless link for AS-Interface uses Bluetooth® technology to provide easily, remote access to your hard-to-reach automated valves. It is commissioned and set up identically to the standard AS-Interface unit. In addition, when powered up with a conventional power source or by the network, it may be accessed by standard iOS devices. With the new patent pending StoneL wireless link app you can remotely monitor and set open and closed switch positions; monitor and set the network address; operate solenoid valve(s) (if network- or power supply-enabled); identify model and serial number (preset from factory); identify valve automation components (entered by valve supplier); log maintenance information; Monitor diagnostics (valve cycle count, electronics temperature, and more).

FieldLink process networking solutions

FieldLink provides products and services to enable users to effectively integrate their automated valves and other instrumentation into their communication network(s). Proven field-based communication protocols are used with “best in class” hazardous area components to link valve communication terminals and field instruments cost effectively and reliably with most DCS and PLC control architectures.

StoneL extensive testing

StoneL is invested in reliability. Comprehensive testing processes assure StoneL products are built to exact specifications and are pre-tested to perform in the most challenging applications. Extensive testing by our reliability staff as well as third party agencies ensures all components from mechanical to electrical to pneumatics are subjected to a wide range of elements: acids, icing, impacts, temperature extremes, UV tolerance vibration, and more. Proven performance from the inside out means you can install with confidence.

Axiom AN

The Axiom offers unmatched reliability using non-contact position sensing with solid state electronics & contaminant-tolerant pneumatic control. Coupled with a space-efficient design, corrosion resistance and networking capability, the AN offers unrivaled convenience and cost-saving benefits in hazardous and general purpose process applications. FEATURES: direct actuator attachment with compact mounting manifold system; fully sealed module for protection against residual moisture, vibration and corrosives; exceptional long life with a magnetic position sensor (no bushings or shafts to wear out because it is unaffected by actuator shaft wear). Use the wireless link capabilities of our free app to securely import/export electronic tags, model number, serial number and more in CSV format, then open with Excel to quickly manage your devices. And just like the AMI version, remotely monitor and set open and closed switch positions; monitor and set the network address, and more.

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