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Stone Marine companies design, manufacture, service and repair propellers plus all parts of a vessels sterngear. They also service and repair thrusters, CPP units, steering and rudder gear regardless of the manufacturer. The Thomas Reid subsidiary is renowned for high quality deck machinery.
The oldest company in the Group, Stone Marine Propulsion, has a history that goes back to the earliest days of screw propulsion but, as with all the companies in the Group, their business philosophy requires that they always apply the very latest design and manufacturing standards across all their activities. These activities cover virtually all types of vessels from the smallest to the largest; leisure, commercial and naval.
With bases in the UK, Namibia and South Africa, plus agents in many other countries, the Stone Marine Group provides a worldwide service to its customers. For more information on the Group and its individual companies please visit our website at

Products & Services


Propellers & sterngear. Design, manufacturing and servicing.

Few companies provide the complete service that is available from the Stone Marine Group. Within the Group are companies that design, manufacture, service and repair propellers, shafts and shaft seals for all types and sizes of vessels, commercial, naval and leisure. Whatever type or size of vessel our propellers are fitted to the purchaser can be sure that they are custom designed and manufactured to the highest standards using the latest technology and will be optimised for maximum efficiency with minimum noise and vibration. The Groups service and repair companies operate worldwide 365 days of the year and have highly qualified engineers who, apart from propellers and stern gear, can expertly service and repair CPP’s and thrusters.

Marine Sealing Systems

The Stone Marine Groups marine seals company, Stone Marine Seals, specialises in the design and manufacture of a range of products suitable for most applications including fixed pitch and controllable pitch main propulsion units; products are also available for thruster or pod systems. Our lead product is the highly advanced EcoSeal; a seal which ensures no leakage to the surrounding environment and no water ingress into the stern tube oil system. The EcoSeal has recently been joined by two further versions, the EcoSeal T and TS. These versions have been specifically designed for thrusters and azipods.   The benefits of using our seals are numerous and you can find out more by visiting our website at :-

Thomas Reid deck machinery

Thomas Reid deck machinery is renowned throughout the world for the quality of its products which, for the last 160 years, has been fitted to sea going craft, commercial, naval and leisure.   A range of products are available depending on the uses required of them but all benefit from excellent design and high quality manufacturing using the latest materials.

SigmaDrive anti noise and vibration equipment

SigmaDrives are an award winning 21st century solution to the problems of noise and vibration in a vessel. Manufactured by Stone Marine Group company, Bruntons Propellers, they are designed to fit virtually all type of craft and can be fitted to V and Jet drives as well as standard installations, with engines up to 1300hp. Installation could not be easier and most craft do not have to be slipped for a SigmaDrive to be fitted. Apart from providing highly effective anti-noise and anti-vibration solutions, by ensuring that the crafts seals and bearings are always perfectly aligned a SigmaDrive will greatly reduce wear and provide a longer trouble free life for all associated components.


Stone Marine Group Naval Architects, Metallurgists and Engineers are often called on to use their expert knowledge to assist in a range of propulsion problems; Including sterngear and shaftline design and supply.  Propeller research and development. Propeller analysis and performance. Propeller foundry technology. Propeller metallurgy. Hydrodynamic and metallurgical technology Investigations into ship performance, cavitation, noise and vibration. Expert Witness services for the legal profession.

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