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Standard Calibrations, Inc. (SCI) is a premier provider of shipboard instrumentation, calibration test equipment, O2 cleaning and engineered control systems. We offer the marine community a wide array of sensors, transmitters, controls, indicators, and associated services.
Our engineers and technicians specialize in control systems for level, pressure, flow, temperature, gas, feed water, waste water, draft, and boiler optimization. Additionally we offer 02 cleaning services in support of divers life support and other O2 and N2 shipboard systems.
Standard Calibraitons Inc. is unique in that we offer full life cycle support for all the products and systems we sell. We have a fully automated cloud based calibration recall system that tracks customers sensor and test equipment maintenance needs. Further, SCI can provide the technicians to perform commissioning, annual calibrations, and or surge availability support.

Products & Services


Fuel Consumption and Bunkering Solutions From Endress + Hauser

Fuel Consumption and Bunkering Solutions From Endress + HauserHigh-Performance Instruments for Measuring the Flow Rate of Liquid, Gas and Steam Conductive Liquids:Electromagnetic flowmeters: Vortex flowmeters, Coriolis mass flowmeters, Ultrasonic flowmetersNon-conductive Liquids: Vortex flowmeters,Coriolis mass flowmeters,Ultrasonic flowmetersGas: Vortex flowmeters,Coriolis mass flowmeters,Thermal mass flowmetersSteam: Vortex flowmetersMeasuring the flow of liquid, steam, and gas is one of the most important areas of application for today's field instrumentation. As THE market leader in flow measurement, Endress+Hauser employs a broad portfolio of metering techniques to provide customers with the 'best fit' flow solution for their application, be it electromagnetic, Coriolis, Vortex, ultrasonic, thermal or differential pressure.

Endress+Hauser Levelflex

Endress+Hauser LevelflexThe new Levelflex family opens another chapter in the success story of guided radar. The family comprises eight products - from the standard product for basic applications through to high-performance versions for sophisticated use in high-pressure and high-temperature conditions, complex interface measurement or applications in gases and steams. The Levelflex family facilitates the safe and efficient control of levels and inventories in your application.  The new Levelflex family stands for products which are…Safe Hardware and software developed according to SIL IEC 61508Consistent implementation of industrial standardsEx protection for all hazardous areas Precise Continuous adapting evaluation algorithms for the highest degree of safe and precise measurementsMulti-Echo Tracking: Increased echo rate and analysis as well as automatic suppression of interfering echoesFieldCare software for easy and convenient operation Efficient Intuitive, menu-guided operating concept (on site or via control system) in national languages reduces costs for training, maintenance and operationHistoROM: Automatic data backup for instrument settings and measured values facilitates the exchange of electronics without any recalibrationSimple integration into control or asset management systemsExact instrument and process diagnosis to assist fast decisions with clear details concerning necessary remedies

Service Representation

Factory authorized service rep for GEMS Sensors, Endress + Hauser, Smar and other instrumentation OEMs.

Divers Life Support systems

SCI has multiple certifications to perform work on Divers Life Support Systems.  These certifications are from the Navy and SCI is an approved source for the Navy Divers to have work performed on their equipment.  SCI has certified cleaning room capabilities on both the East and West Coast to handle cleaning jobs such as Oxygen cleaning, Breathing Air cleaning, and Nuclear grade cleaning.  Many of these cleaning techniques are used in Divers Life Support Systems.  If you have cleaning or manufacturing requirements please feel free to contact SCI.  

LED SureSite

A Bright Solution for your most demanding applicationsThese mini SureSites indicators excel where zero and low ambient light make visual indicators difficult to read.  These mini indicators feature all the benefits of a SureSite, like safe and durable Stainless Steel process fluid containment, while combining the continuous output transmitter with a bright LED channel.  The LED indicator assembly integrates a continuous level transmitter.  A variety of signal conditioners provide the output you require.

Oil Quality Sensor

Tested technology based on a patented technique used for more than 10 years.  The Oil Quality Sensor is on average 60 times more sensitive than traditional dielectric sensors.  Principal Benefits:  Reliability:  Increases reliability of machinery by supplying trustworthy supervision 24/7 x 365.  Efficiency:  allows efficient maintenance planning without wasting time or money on unnecessary call-outs.  Cost Savings:  reduces the quantity of oil used and the consequently disposal cost.  Reduced environmental Impact:  by using less oil you not only save time, money and also saving the planet with environmental waste.

Guided Radar by Gems Sensors

Gems Sensors & Controls is proud to announce its newly released Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor, the RLI-G. The no moving parts tank level sensor is highly accurate, durable and configurable for all shipboard tank applications. The Guided Wave Level Transmitter is designed for accuracy of ± 0.2 inches of liquid measurement and is suitable for a wide range of liquid dielectric (as low as 1.4). There are six standard mounting thread and flange options and mono rod or cable, twin rod or cable and coaxial probe design to adapt to all applications.  Output options include 2-wire 4-20 mA and 4-wire 4-20 mA + HART and the unit offers IP67 Ingress Protection. This product line is a fit for any size tank, any size boat, anywhere!

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