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Sound Propeller is located on the Duwamish Waterway in Seattle, Washington. When your propulsion system needs some help, you can call on us. Our uncompromising commitment to quality has helped us become a leading manufacturer of marine propulsion equipment, and has resulted in nationwide orders for our custom-engineered products.

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Hy Torq "X" Series Propellers

Hy Torq "X" Series PropellersDJX and "DQX" are an evolution of the tried and true Dyna-Jet and Dyna-Quad series propellers.  The "X" series design, which includes increased blade area and higher skew, is positioned to take advantage of today's highly loaded propeller applications.  New technologies such as CNC machine finishing and MRI pitch control are utilized in the manufacturing process.  This combination of design and manufacturing strengths results in a propeller series second to none!

New Propellers

New PropellersPrecision machining of new propellers assures proper fit in final assembly. We can build to customer provided designs, we can provide our own standard designs or we can provide a custom design according to the performance needs of your vessel.   We can recommend the most efficient propeller for your vessel based on our experience.  We take into consideration the power and rpm, the work the vessel will be doing, the area in which the vessel will be working and the design of the vessel.  This will help us provide you with propellers which will provide optimum performance. We make the patterns for new propellers at Sound Propeller’s on site Pattern Shop, and then utilize the services of Atlas Chehalis, Atlas Tacoma, or Meltec Foundries.  The metal content specifications unique to Sound Propeller are stringently adhered to by the professionals at these foundries.  We use only the finest, time proven materials, either stainless steel or special bronze alloys.  Our stainless steel alloy provides strength, corrosion resistance, reparability, and ductility, and exceeds all ABS physical requirements.  We use computer assisted design analysis to aid in the selection of the blade shape, thickness and type of material for your vessel's particular use.  Our large pitch table enables us to pitch, straighten and track propellers up to 13 feet in diameter.

Propeller Accessories

Propeller AccessoriesIf you need propeller shafts and accessories, we stock a variety of tailnuts, couplings, stern bearings and packing boxes used in marine propeller shaft lines.  We often supply gland and seal assemblies for new or existing propellers.  Our knowledgeable, experienced staff will be happy to help you select shafting material and accessories for your particular vessel.    Vessels involved in towing can further enhance both performance and economy by installing quality built nozzles, which can provide as much as 40% more bollard pulling power.  We offer standard NSMB Type 19 and Type 37 nozzles, or custom design them for your vessel.  We engineer and fabricate nozzles for new construction and retrofitting.

Propeller Repair

Propeller RepairSound Propeller offers both in-shop and in-the-field propeller repair.  Within our local area, we provide free inspection to determine your propeller's overall condition.    We then recommend the most cost efficient repairs, consistent with quality performance.  Repair service includes use of specially designed equipment to adjust the propeller pitch and track for smooth, quiet operation.      We can repair and alter your existing propellers, no matter how big or how small.  Specially designed pitch adjusting equipment and pitch reading tools let us adjust your propeller to assures smooth, quiet operation.  Our large pitch table enables us to pitch, straighten and track propellers up to 13 feet in diameter.

Standard Designs "Answer"

Standard Designs "Answer"This design provides good performance in moderate horsepower / diameter ratios.  Aft rake provides improved smoothness of operation by increasing hull and skeg clearance.

Standard Designs "Cruiser"

Standard Designs "Cruiser"The high skew design is appropriate for the faster commercial passenger vessels.  This propeller is designed with its heavier root sections to support the demands of current higher horsepower engines.

Standard Designs "Kaplan"

Standard Designs "Kaplan"The Kaplan propeller with its fill blade width at the tip of the blades is designed to provide  good performance in nozzle installations. Blade numbers and area ratios are adjusted to the particular vessel needs.

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