Solberg Crankcase Ventilation Systems

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Solberg designs and manufactures crankcase ventilation systems for marine propulsion engines and gen-sets. Our high efficiency systems capture oily blow-by vented from the crankcase and protect the surrounding environment. Both our open and closed style systems protect the engine by preventing turbo contamination, excess crankcase pressure and seal leakage.

Solberg has one of the only crankcase ventilation products available that combines ultra high efficiency filtration with a self regulating vacuum control valve.

We specialize in retro-fits on existing vessels along with new builds. Please contact us to discuss your application.

Products & Services


Open Crankcase Ventilation System

Open Crankcase Ventilation systems combine a high efficiency filter and vacuum source to capture the oily blow-by emissions while maintaining the required crankcase pressure.  The result is a clean engine room and surrounding environment. 

Closed Crankcase Ventilation System (CCV)

Closed Crankcase Ventilation Systems (CCV) connect to the turbo/intake section of the engine package.  The suction generated in this area helps to draw oily blow-by emissions through a high efficiency coalescing filter.  The result is protection for the turbocharger and intercoolers, which leads to better engine performance.  The Solberg CCV also includes a regulation valve that automatically controls the vacuum level in the crankcase.  This allows for maintenance free operation throughout the filter life.

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