Solar Boat Shades LLC.

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1501 Franklin St.
Gretna , LA 70053
United States

We manufacture tinted roller shades for wheelhouses and black out shades for crew quarters. Tinted roller shades reduce the transmission of heat and glare through wheelhouse windows. Black out shades block all light from entering bunk room windows, allowing crew members to sleep during the day. Our shades are incredibly durable because they are made with oversized clutches, metal chains, and a fused hem bar.

Products & Services


Black Out Shades

Our black out shades block out 99% of outside light.  Go see our demonstration video on our website.

Mylar Tinted Roller Shades

Tinted shades help to reduce glare and heat in the wheelhouse of vessels.  We custom build every tinted shade to fit each window casing in our facility.

Fire Retardant Bunk Curtains

We custom manufacture fire retardant bunk curtains to fit each opening.  You can choose one panel to cover the opening or split it into two panels.

Boat Building / Repair

  • Oil Platform Construction
  • Boat Building and Repairs

Boat Building Supplies

  • Solar Shades
  • Boat Building Materials