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Use SoftSand Rubber particles instead of blast aggregate to improve your non-skid coatings. The particles bond to the urethane/epoxy, so they won’t pop out and leave a slick surface behind. They’re also easier on ropes, boots and other equipment. New Xtra Coarse grades are being introduced here!

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SoftSand Rubber Particles

SoftSand Rubber particles are the ideal replacement for hard aggregates in urethane coatings.  Since non-skid coatings are composite structures, a flexible coating calls for a flexible particle (modulus match).  The rubber particles bond to the coating and flex with it, eliminating the problem of aggregate popout.  The rubber particles can be mixed into the coating and brushed, rolled or sprayed.  The larger particles are typically broadcast by hand into the coating.

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  • Deck Coatings