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Over the past sixty years we have developed our systems for the benefit of commercial vessels.
Today we offer a range of sophisticated auto steering, navigation and safety products for vessels of all sizes, from small vessels on inland waterways, workboats, fishing vessels to larger coastal commercial and passenger craft

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NSS evo3

With new Simrad SolarMAX HD display technology, the NSS evo3 provides high-definition visuals and exceptional clarity with extra-wide viewing angles, perfect for use in direct sunlight as well as low light environments. The distinctive difference in the evolution of NSS evo3 displays come from the most advanced in-plane switching (IPS) screens in the marine industry, providing superior color accuracy and boosted high-resolution to enhance viewing. Optimized LED backlighting and contrast levels further improve the navigation experience and ability to see clearly in the widest possible range of on-the-water conditions. Most importantly, water immunity has been taken to a new level to meet the highest expectations of users by delivering the one thing every mariner expects of marine electronics, a touchscreen that works accurately even when under constant sea spray and foul weather – covered in fresh or saltwater – with no impact to responsiveness.

Argus X-Band Antenna

The Argus X-Band is a professional radar with either 6 and 9 foot antenna options and transceiver in both 12kW and 25kW. Thanks to the modular design, the radar can be assembled to form a stand-alone display cabinet or be flush mounted into a bridge console. The standard configuration includes full ARPA, AIS and a built-in interswitch for dual radar installations. Adding a heading input from an autopilot or sensor allows the radar image to be overlaid on charts for easy interpretation.Installations are simplified by a direct coupling between the transceiver, the rotary joint and the antenna, minimizing RF loss. The interface with the console uses a single connector ended cable for radar control and tuning remotely from the display without having to open the case. The Argus X-Band System comes with a monitor, keyboard, core unit and includes 100 target ARPA plus 300 AIS targets. The Argus X-Band radar meets and exceeds IMO regulations and Solas V minimum carriage requirements.


Simrad HALO Pulse Compression Radar is the most affordable solid-state, open-array radar system with pulse compression technology for non-SOLAS applications on commercial vessels. Combining the advantages of FMCW Broadband Radar and pulse radar systems, HALO radar detects targets as close as 20 ft, within pulse radar’s short-range “blind spot” and also exceptional long-range performance up to 72 nm. HALO radar provides unmatched target resolution with Beam Sharpening for enhanced target separation. In Dual Range mode, HALO radar functions as two radars in one – monitoring two ranges with independent displays, controls and MARPA target tracking. Built to last, HALO radar has a solid-state transceiver and no magnetron to replace and no manual tuning required. Similarly, a solid-state brushless motor driver means no motor brushes to replace. Designed to operate at in winds up to 70 knots, HALO radar is rigorously tested to exceed IEC environmental, vibration and operational standards.


The Simrad R2009 and R3016 Radar control units are two dedicated radar displays for use with the award-winning Simrad HALO and Broadband Radar antenna solutions. The Simrad R2009 radar control features a 9-inch portrait display, while the Simrad R3016 boasts a 16-inch wide-screen display. Both systems use an intuitive control interface with the latest generation of digital tuning to allow for optimal situational awareness in the most adverse conditions.The R2009 and R3016 radar control units are well suited for use as standalone dedicated radar stations. Commercial operators will appreciate the professional-grade interface and ease of installation, even in demanding retrofit applications. Fishing captains will notice the complementary design of the new Simrad S2009 and S2016 fishfinder range. Together, these innovative solutions add a significant dimension to the brand’s commercial portfolio for non-SOLAS workboat, patrol and fishing vessels.


The Simrad V5035 Class-A AIS for SOLAS and inland applications offers excellent value. Supplied as a standalone system with junction-box, GPS antenna and Pilot Plug, V5035 Class-A AIS easily integrates with Simrad GPS and Charting systems via NMEA 2000, NMEA0183 or USB interface, and meets all the latest IMO compliance standards. With its color 3.5-inch LCD display, it is a perfect complement to the Simrad IMO GPS/GNSS systems including the GN70, MX610 and MX612. Multiple input port sensors and bi-directional data ports ensure that information flows quickly, and the control knob and keypad allow for easy operation in any conditions. The V5035 Class-A AIS is also type approved for Inland AIS application.


The Simrad S2009 and S2016 fishfinder systems featuring CHIRP Sonar technology are designed to be dedicated displays or work in conjunction with a compatible navigation network. The units can operate with a variety of transducers, offering flexible frequency selection, adjustable ping speeds, outstanding depth penetration and vertical heave adjustment. The Simrad S2009 and S2016 are built to meet the strenuous demands of fishing vessels with both bracket- and flush-mount watertight installations meeting IPX7 water-resistance from all sides. The fishfinders are operated by an integrated keypad and rotary dial with menu keys located along the side of the display that provide intuitive control of on-screen menus. Both fishfinders include a single-channel Broadband Sounder module with plug-and-play transducer port, compatible with Simrad-brand and Airmar transducers equipped with 7-pin connectors. Adapters are available to allow easy and cost-effective retrofitting of existing transducers.

SAL-RIA Easy Tank Speed Log

The Simrad R1a Easy Tank Speed Log is a type approved addition to the Simrad portfolio that meets SOLAS requirements for Speed and Distance Measuring Equipment (SDME). Using acoustic correlation technology to ensure high performance, the R1a Easy Tank provides highly accurate longitudinal speed through the water (STW). The R1a Easy Tank is the easiest speed log to install with a unique close ended installation system –there is no need to weld a water-tight compartment or piping above sea line. This product is aimed at the WorkBoat, Fishing, and light merchant vessel markets, and rounds out the strong Simrad navigation portfolio.

S3009 IMO Echosounder

The Simrad S3009 Navigational Echosounder meets the requirement for reliable and accurate bottom tracking and depth recording on a wide range of commercial vessels. Exceeding the latest performance standards for IMO compliance, the S3009 features modern controls for easy operation. The single-transducer S3009 system is cost effective, compact, and easy to install in tight spaces. An S3009 Expanded system is also available, which adds the S5100 transceiver to enable separate bow and stern transducers.

A2004 autopilot

The Simrad A2004 is a dedicated autopilot controller designed to meet the needs of workboat, commercial fishing and passenger vessels. The A2004 is perfect for vessels that don’t require SOLAS Heading Control Systems but do require a proven autopilot interface backed by Continuum software for accuracy and ease of use. The autopilot’s information is presented on a wide-angle and zero-fog color display and is engineered for responsiveness and ease of use with a precision rotary control dial and dedicated buttons for instant access to steering modes, a custom-configurable work mode and automated turn patterns.

Maris E900

The Simrad ECDIS900 MK5 and MK15 are based on a standard Windows interface using common controls including toolbars, tabbed panels, hotkeys, and right-click context or ‘pop-up’ menus. Integrating the latest features captains require, the ECDIS900 Series includes advanced route-planning tools, Search and Rescue module, Docking module, Predictor precision navigation module, and a digital Logbook – all displayed on the latest official navigational charts. Depending on the needs of the captain, optional radar overlay, MARIS Bridge Assistant Paper Chart Manager, and Voyage Decision Support route-planning tools are available. All ECDIS900 models include a standard keyboard and trackball for fast and accurate data entry.

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