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Silent Running SR1000 Marine Coating is a high performance, water based, VOC compliant, vibration and sound damping liquid. Boat owners, builders and designers use Silent Running in existing and new construction. Application is easy, saving space, time, and reducing installation costs. Can be applied with sprayer, brush or roller. 

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Silent Running SR 1000 Marine Coating

Silent Running SR 1000 Marine Coating Silent Running’s water-based sound damping coating utilizes an innovative technology that virtually eliminates unwanted vibration and sound problems. The viscoelastic property of Silent Running absorbs structure borne vibration, thus reducing noise and vibration while remaining environmentally friendly. 

TEMP-COAT® 101 Insulation Coating

Temp-Coat 101 Insulation CoatingTEMP-COAT® 101 is used widely to control condensation caused by changes and differences in temperature on hulls, bulkheads, overheads, pipes, refrigerated equipment and other surfaces which tend to develop moisture related problems.   It's a very flexible insulation, which is used regularly on barges, push boats, tugs, fishing fleets, pleasure crafts, drilling rigs and platforms, offshore machinery, piping, pipelines, boilers, water separators, sleeping quarters and much, much more.

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