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Powering the Shipping Industry Forward for More Than 130 Years
With more than a century of experience in marine solutions, Siemens Marine form the anchor of the strong positions that Siemens holds in the marine industry. As a solution provider, Siemens delivers advanced electrical equipment, services, systems and solutions for all types of merchant ships, naval vessels and submarines.
Along with solutions for power, drive and automation technology, Siemens is a reliable partner for owner and operators and shipyards.
Powering the shipping industry forward also means setting new courses of innovation. As a pioneer, Siemens offers advanced solutions designed to optimize onboard ship machinery performance while upholding environmental standards. Wherever your ships sail, Siemens is always nearby with a global network of subsidiaries, providing service and after sales support.

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SISHIP - Integrated Solutions for the Marine Industry

SISHIP - Integrated Solutions for the Marine IndustryOur SISHIP product family for commercial vessels integrates all products and services needed for sustained maximization of your ship's performance. Our advanced solutions are designed to sustainably increase environmental compatibility and commercial efficiency of your overall shipping operations.

SISHIP Diesel Electric Propulsion

SISHIP Diesel Electric PropulsionThe proven combination of diesel generators and electric engines reduces fuel consumption (up to 40%), increases energy efficiency and lowers emissions.

SISHIP Lifecycle Management

SISHIP Lifecycle ManagementOur proven life cycle management strategies built on real world successes help you increase reliability while lowering operating costs.

Automation Systems

Automation Systems Automation Systems provides manufacturing automation and control systems and software for plant engineering and manufacturing operations management 

Industry Services

Industry Services Our dedicated team of 3,000+ service engineers, technicians and professionals is on-call, on-site and on-line 24/7, delivering a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to help you increase: Productivity of your plant and equipment Flexibility to adapt to new demands quickly Reliability and sustainability of your business

SISHIP BlueVault Energy Storage

Siemens BlueVaultTM Energy Storage system is designed with 100VDC Battery Modules each 6,6kWh that are slided into a cubicle that support freshwater cooling and electrical connections. Each Battery Pack (cubical) comprises 9 modules in series (930VDC) in addition to the Battery monitoring System. Multiple of these Battery Packs may be paralleled to obtain the required energy storage capacity. The initial design accounts for discharge rates up to 4CP and a charge rate up to 2CP. Continuous monitoring of all individual cells are incorporated in the Battery Monitoring System. Mindsphere digitalization allows instant monitoring of state of charge, health of charge and optimization of battery utilization depending on the environment.

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