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Helping to build world class vessels by providing the best heavy duty marine equipment. SMI proudly represents: Brunvoll AS, Finnoy Gear & Propeller AS, Van der Velden Marine Systems and SEC Ships Equipment Center Groningen B.V.

Products & Services


Brunvoll Thrusters

TRUSTED WORLD WIDE Brunvoll’s operation is dedicated to thrusters, supplying and service complete thruster packages.We take full responsibility for your thruster needs, incl. electric, hydraulic and diesel drive system packages.We can tailor systems to your specific propulsion and maneuvering requirements, cutting installation time and life cycle costs.Brunvoll offers a complete technological environment with in-house expertise in hydraulics, hydrodynamics, electronics, mechanical and electrical engineering, and production.

Jets Sanitary Systems

For more than two decades Jets has drawn inspiration from the world's finest surroundings to make the world's best sanitary system. 

Van der Velden Rudder Solutions

With more than 50 years of experience, Van Der Velden MarineSystems is a world-wide leader in maritime maneuvering systems.  We specialize in the engineering,construction and installation of efficient rudder and steering systems in boththe oceangoing and inland waterway markets. From custom-designed fishtail and Barke flap rudders to steering gear,nozzles and streamlined bodies, we can help your vessel perform at its mostefficient with compact, fully integrated solutions.

Anda-Olsen AS power solutions

Anda Power Solutions supplies a wide range of systems that shall meet all requirements from shipyards, ship owners and operators. The range includes integrated AC and DC UPS systems, regular UPS systems, battery chargers, battery systems and power supplies. Anda Power Solutions are designed for a global market and can be adapted to a wide range of applications and climatic conditions. Anda solutions are now in operation in the Gulf of Mexico, offshore West Africa, and the arctic waters of the Barents Sea, among other challenging locations.

Jason Engineering

Jason Engineering is at the forefront of developing and offeringintelligent compact design and integrated solutions to the marine firefightingindustry. The company was established in 1898 and is well known for its highlyskilled and experienced engineering team. The Jason vision is based onintelligent design, high quality and low maintenance requirements atcompetitive prices.Jason Engineering is a flexible partner, delivering standardequipment and or custom solutions to meet our customer’s needs andspecifications.  Jason’scustomer-oriented approach to firefighting solutions and its verticallyintegrated component supply has earned it the reputation of being an adaptive,flexible partner in marine construction and outfitting. 

Ibercisa Deck Machinery

Ibercisa Deck Machinery is a worldwide leader in custom-designedand manufactured marine winches.  Foundedin 1969, Ibercisa sells deck machinery in more than 45 countries.  The company has products for all marinesectors: Offshore/AHTS, Tug, Fishing, Oceanographic, Naval, Merchant andDredging.  We specialize in working withour customers to deliver the most efficient, cost-effective solutions possible. 

Heila Marine Cranes

Heila Cranes manufactures standard and custom-built marine and offshore cranes. The cranes can be supplied with a capacity from 2 up to 4,500 MT and can be hydraulic or electrically powered.  Heila keeps a wide range of cranes in stock, from 2 to 650 tonnes. We supply a complete range of accessories such as winching systems, load readout systems for hoisting and towing winches, hydraulic power units,grabbers and remote controls. 

VDL Klima

The VDL Klimarine box cooler, with its compactdesign and large cooling capacity, is frequently used to cool main engines,auxiliary engines and generator sets on board of ships. The engine coolant ispumped through highly efficient coated aluminium brass V-shaped tubes. Locatedinside a sea chest within the vessel's hull, the VDL Klimarine box cooler isprotected against damage from underwater hazards. 

Profi Seal

Profi Seal Introduces the world first Fireproof rotating bulkhead seal A-60 and watertight, type-approval test per IMO 2010 FTP Code, Part 3 and MSC85/26, Add. 1, Annex 

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