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Sea Machines Robotics is a leading developer of autonomous vessel control systems and perception technology for workboats and ships. The company’s SM300 is an autonomous-command and remote-control system ready for installation aboard many types of workboats and commercial vessels, complementing traditional helm controls. The system allows for supervised or optionally manned control, ideal for applications such as hydrographic survey, spill response or patrol boat applications. The SM200 is a remote-control system, able to provide line-of-sight command and control of vessel propulsion machinery and deck equipment, such as fire pumps or winches. Sea Machines was founded in 2015 and has office locations in Boston and Hamburg.

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The SM300 is an autonomous-command and remote-control system that enables supervised autonomy for workboats. The system enables autonomous waypoint following, search-and-survey grid execution, collaborative operations with other vessels, and more. SM300-enabled boats allow an operator to remotely command a vessel with virtually no range limits, in unmanned, minimally manned or manned modes. The SM300 also features obstacle detection and collision avoidance functionality, using radar and AIS input.


The SM200 is an industrial-grade, remote-control system for line-of-sight workboat operation. Through a custom joystick belt-pack control, an operator can control propulsion machinery and deck machinery, such as fire-pumps, A-frames, winches and other devices. The SM200 has a range of +/- 1km and can integrate with a wide variety of marine control systems.

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