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Sea-Fire, a world leader in marine fire suppression & detection technology, is a company dedicated to the protection of people and their investments. With Sea-Fire’s fire suppression systems, boat owners enjoy the peace of mind that comes with constant protection. Sea-Fire’s Novec 1230 pre-engineered fire suppression products offer the ultimate in 24/7 fire protection: fully automatic, with no hands-on firefighting required. Sea-Fire also offers custom-engineered NOVEC 1230 fire suppression systems for higher volume commercial marine applications. All suppression & detection systems carry USCG and numerous international approvals.
Vast and comprehensive experience distinguishes Sea-Fire as a global leader in the design and manufacture of fire detection and fire suppression systems for the commercial marine and pleasure craft markets. Sea-Fire products are recognized worldwide for their advanced technology, innovation in design, and quality in manufacture.

Products & Services


Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression

Sea-Fire's Novec 1230 NFG and NFD Model Series are designed to protect enclosed compartments. These systems are especially ideal for marine engine compartments. NFG and NFD Models are pre-engineered; they are designed to protect up to a specific volume (25 to 1800 cubic feet). As a result, selection of a model size is simple. NFG and NFD models are FM and USCG approved.The 3M Novec 1230 agent has been designed to provide non-toxic and non-corrosive protection and is also non-ozone depleting and virtually no GWP.  Novec 1230 is extremely safe for people and equipment. NOVEC 1230 is recognized as the premier environmental replacement and boasts worldwide acceptability with no imposed environmental phase-out schedule.Both NFG and NFD Models operate automatically through heat activation. Systems also have a manual (“M”) capability feature, giving the boater the option of pulling a discharge cable to activate the fire system.

ERP (Extinguisher Release Panel)

Sea-Fire's new ERP (Extinguisher Release Panel) is a two stage pre-discharge alarm and 30 second time delay, designed to simplify system integration while reducing installation time and saving weight.The low voltage, microprocessor controlled Extinguisher Release System is designed to integrate with Sea-Fire's "H" and "M" series engineered systems.The two stage system provides for a controlled electrical release of the extinguishing gas to the protected space.The unit incorporates pre-discharge alarms, a 30 second time delay, discharge abort facility, and fault monitoring.

Fire Detection

Sea-Fire’s "FireStop" is a USCG approved conventional fire detection system that provides quick and clear identification of fire alarms and events. The Fire Control Panel (FCP) features FireStop technology in a weather resistant monitoring system with fire, heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide monitoring capability.Designed for the increasing sophistication of modern vessels, this innovative accessory compliments Sea-Fire’s fire suppression offerings adding increased awareness on-board. The Fire Detection system is comprised of the control module, a microprocessor unit (which relays system functions via CAT5), and up to four display panels with expandable modular design. This detection system is the ultimate economical choice.Sea-Fire’s "Triton 8" is a MED Wheelmarked addressable Fire Detection and Alarm system with 8 addressable loops and 32 zones. The 24 vdc compact unit has a flush fitting membrane fascia panel with LCD screen for clear and concise alarm identification.

Custom Engineered Fire Suppression Systems

Developed for high volume enclosure applications, Sea-Fire's  (HFC227) & (NOVEC 1230) custom-engineered fire suppression systems are the solution for manual/automatic fire protection of workboats, transport vessels, large pleasure crafts, yachts & onshore/offshore marine applications. Systems carry Factory Mutual (FM), United States Coast Guard (USCG), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Transport Canada (TC), Registro Italiano Navale (RINA), Maritime Coastal Agency (MCA), and Marine Equipment Directive (MED) approvals. The systems are tested in accordance with IMO/SOLAS requirements.Recently, Sea-Fire has introduced the "MN" Series featuring NOVEC 1230, the environmental solution for GWP fire extinguishants. For various piping configurations, the MN series features 360 and 720 psi systems.

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