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Schottel, Inc, is part of a worldwide network for sales and support of SCHOTTEL products. We handle sales, parts and service in the Americas. Schottel specializes in the development, design, production and marketing of propulsion and manoeuvring systems for a wide range of vessel types and sizes.

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COMBI DRIVEThe SCHOTTEL Combi Drives combines an electric motor with a Rudderpropeller. The motor is vertically integrated into the support tube of the propeller. A gearbox, shaftingand space for the motor are not required, making this extremely compact propulsion unit particularly suitable for OSVs, RoPax, tankers and container ships. SCHOTTEL builds Combi Drives both in a twin-propeller version and as a ducted single-propeller system, at present covering a power range from 300 to 3500 kW.


CONTROLLABLE-PITCH PROPELLERSCHOTTEL Controllable-Pitch Propellers(SCP) can be used in nearly all vessel types. The power spectrum ranges from 600 kW to 30,000 kW, with propeller diameters varying between approximately 1.5 and 8.0 m. The pitch of the propeller blades can be adjusted for manoeuvring and to adapt to changing operating conditions. Advanced calculation methods allow the SCP to be optimally adapted to the hydrodynamic conditions on the vessel’shull, thereby maximizing efficiency and minimizing noise generation.


RUDDERPROPELLERMaximum manoeuvrability, optimum efficiency, reliable and economical operation, space-saving installation and easy maintenance are the outstanding features of the SCHOTTEL Rudderpropeller  (SRP). Its functional principle is as simple as it is effective: by rotating the underwater part through 360°, the full propulsive power can be used for manoeuvring the ship. With power ratings up to 6000 kW and a wide range of installation variants, the mechanical Rudderpropeller is the superior propulsion system for many types of vessel.


TWIN PROPELLERTwo propellers aremounted on a common shaft and rotate in the same direction. The STP is thus thesuccessful optimization of the complete Rudderpropeller system, withsignificantly increased efficiency, and is the ideal propulsion unit for allships in the medium speed range with application- related higher propeller loads.It offers a high degree of reliability thanks to a simple design. Further advantages:Reduction of the propeller diameter without efficiency losses; lower fuel costsand reduced maintenance requirements. 


TRANSVERSE THRUSTERThe SCHOTTEL Transverse Thruster (STT) is a reliable maneuvering aid for all types of vessels. Available with either fixed or controllable-pitch propellers, they are indispensable for secure harbour maneuvering or positioning tasks. These units can be installed either with a horizontal or vertical motor flange, depending on the given space restrictions. 


NAVIGATOR The SCHOTTEL Navigator (NAV) is a large-scale mobile outboard plant, providing the vessel 360° steerable maneuverability with a SCHOTTEL Rudderpropeller. All main components of the Navigator are mounted on the base frame, which also accommodates the daily fuel tank. A diesel engine is used as the prime mover. The electrical and electronic monitoring elements are installed in an integrated switch cabinet. The clutch between the prime mover and theRudderpropeller transmits the power through a flexible coupling and a universal shaft.

EcoPeller SRE

EcoPeller (SRE)The  Award winning SRE combines proven SCHOTTEL quality and technology with the latest, hydrodynamic insights from CFD simulations and model tests. The SRE is based on the SCHOTTEL Combi Drive design principle: The electric motor is vertically integrated into the support tube of the EcoPeller. This design saves space and eliminates the upper of the two angle gears as well as any necessary shaft lines. Thus, the EcoPeller also offers unbeatable comfort thanks to extremely low vibration and low noise levels.  


PUMP JETThe SCHOTTEL Pump-Jet (SPJ) is specially developed for use in shallow water and is being increasingly employed as a robust, powerful and reliable manoeuvring system. For a wide range of different ships it operates as a manoeuvring aid for main propulsion and as a redundant auxiliary propulsion unit (take-home device). An impeller sucks in water from under the hull and forces it into a pump housing. The outlet nozzles are integrated into an azimuthing base plate which is installed flush with the hull.  


RIM THRUSTERThe SCHOTTEL Rim Thruster is a quiet, space- and weight-saving drive. It converts electric power directly into propulsion - without transmission losses or noise caused by a gearbox. The stator of the electric motor is integrated into the tunnel and the thruster blades are fastened to the inside of the rotor. An optimized hydrodynamic design results in considerable reduction of cavitation   

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