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Samson Towing Systems: Not an off-the-shelf decision. For owners and operators in today’s towing industry, safety, maximum service life, and mitigated failure are priorities. Through proper evaluation and selection of high modulus polyethylene (HMPE) ropes, Samson will help you achieve all three. Based on your specific needs, Samson will assist with the selection of each component of your system, to give you the best overall performance. Samson understands the factors that weigh into these decisions and will help you select the system to get the job done correctly and safely, providing the best value for your investment. We want your system to be as safe as possible for as long as possible. We understand that adding real value to your business is how we become an indispensable partner. Visit Samson at Booth 3640.

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AmSteel®-BlueAmSteel-Blue is a proven cost-saving replacement for wire rope in key applications where strength, weight, and safety are important. It is recognized worldwide as the standard for single-braid HMPE ropes. By comparison, Amsteel-Blue is only 1/7th the weight of wire and, size for size, the same strength. The reduced weight, high strength, and low stretch make it ideal for tug assist/maneuvering lines. This all adds up to longer service life and reduced costs throughout your operation.AmSteel-Blue is a torque-free, 12-strand single-braid design, with Samson proprietary Samthane coating, which results in cost-saving benefits that can be measured in areas such as fewer crew for most operations, improved crew safety and time; Amsteel-Blue results in more efficient connections and controlled responses. In addition, it easily spliced and inspected. AmSteel-Blue is recommended for split-drum winch applications, but not for use on H-bitts, capstans, or cleats if surging or rendering the rope is required. Features:Uses Dyneema SK-75 fiberA size for size strength replacement for wire rope at only 1/7th the weightTorque-free, very flexible, easy to handleSimilar elastic elongation to wire ropeEasily inspected or field splicedFloats


Quantum-12Quantum-12 is the latest addition in the continuing development of products incorporating Samson’s patented use of DPX® fiber. Much like Quantum-8, Quantum-12 is a lightweight, high strength, floating rope that can grip a capstan or H-bitt. The DPX® fiber provides superior abrasion and cut resistance, but with a higher coefficient of friction than similar high performance ropes such as AmSteel®-Blue. The 12-strand construction provides added flexibility, improved handling and easy spliceability. Green Samthane coating provides excellent visibility and additional abrasion resistance.Features:Good grip on capstans and H-bittsExcellent abrasion resistanceFloatsEasily spliced


Quantum-8Quantum-8 was developed to meet customer requests for a lightweight, high strength, torque-free rope that can float and grip a winch or capstan. Lighter and stronger than Proton®-8, Quantum-8 is a unique upgrade. This patented construction utilizes Samson’s exclusive, patented DPX® fiber technology. Quantum-8 has comparable grip to Proton®-8 but unlike Proton®-8 — it floats. Samson’s proven DPX® fiber technology has the best abrasion and cut resistance of all high performance fibers, so rope durability is excellent. Quantum-8 has multiple marine uses as: floating tug stern lines, typhoon or vessel mooring lines, offshore messenger or pick-up lines. Quantum-8 has an orange urethane coating for high visibility as well as additional abrasion resistance.Features:A blend of polyester and Dyneema® SK-75Good grip on capstans and H-bittsFloatsBetter abrasion resistance than Proton®-8Excellent single drum spooling capabilities

RP-12 SSR-1200

RP-12 SSR-1200RP-12 SSR-1200 uses a unique design that combines polyester fiber with our proprietary Ultra Blue bi-polymer fiber in each yarn of the strand. The lightweight Ultra Blue fiber does not absorb water adding significant dry and wet working weight advantages.RP-12 SSR-1200 has a smooth, non-rotational construction with an excellent coefficient of friction for working off H-bitts for tug assist lines on conventional tugs or tractor tugs without winch drums. A special marine finish is added to enhance RP-12 SSR-1200’s performance.Features:High wear resistance onH-bitts and capstansGood heat resistance for rendering on H-bitts or capstansFirm, smooth running flexibility15–18% lighter than 100% polyester ropes


Saturn-12Saturn-12 represents the next generation in Samson’s 12-strand working lines made with Dyneema® fiber. Saturn-12 has an enhanced coating that improves abrasion resistance and increases residual strength as much as 15–20% when compared with other HMPE lines and their conventional coatings. Saturn-12’s light weight, high strength, and low stretch makes it ideal for quick, efficient connections and controlled response. Saturn-12 has been tested in extreme conditions and is proven to provide a longer service life while reducing costs when compared with standard HMPE ropes available today. A complement to other Samson working lines like AmSteel®-Blue and Quantum-12, Saturn-12 is recommended for tug working lines on drums and as a pendant in ship-assist work. It is not recommended for use on H-bitts, capstans, or cleats due to its very low coefficient of friction.


SSR-301RThis rope is the ultimate lockline virtually eliminates slipstick when checking barges. The 3-strand rope construction is a high-strength, lightweight, smooth and controllable checking line that has twice the wear life of standard lockline ropes. This is accomplished by Samson’s unique fiber and internal Resistex lubricant. The core fiber of each strand is 35% stronger than standard polypropylene fiber. The core fiber of each strand then has our internally produced outer cover of high-tenacity filament polyester blended with spun polyester. The outer polyester cover provides excellent wear and heat resistance. The Resistex lubricant constantly lubricates the outer surface fibers when working loads are applied. This constant migration of Resistex to the surface yarns maximizes rope life, allows consistent checking ability, and minimizes heat build-up during checking.Features:Most cost-effective lockline availableGives long-term, smooth, consistent checkingLow-working elongation for controlExcellent flex and wear resistance


Turbo-75Turbo-75, made with Dyneema®, has the relative firmness and low stretch of wire, but, size for size, it is only 1/6th the weight. For tough winch rope applications where the weight and inflexibility of wire rope is a problem, Turbo-75 is ideal. It spools on winches very well, does not rust or “fish hook” like wire rope––and it floats!Both cover and core are coated with a proprietary Samthane coating. Turbo-75’s superior fiber, design, and construction all create a rope that can have a service life two to three times that of wire rope.A standard cover repair kit is available and easy to apply in the field. This product design requires a specialized splicing technique that does not facilitate splicing in the field.Features:Excellent single drum spooling capabilitiesLightweight handlingSuperior drum compression resistanceRetains hard round shape during useProtective cover with Dyneema

DC Moor-Gard

DC Moor-Gard In an effort to provide mooring systems with the ultimate protection from chafe and abrasion, Samson has made one of its best products even better. DC Moor-Gard has been redesigned with a new braiding pattern modeled after our very robust Turbo series covers for jacketed ropes. The braid pattern has been optimized for use as a separate chafe protection cover. And, of course, it is made from 100% Dyneema® fiber for enhanced performance. Patent pending, reverse twisted, Turbo construction aligns the internal fibers with the axis of the rope to reduce friction between the rope and the chafe guard. Saturn coating enhances the abrasion resistance and also helps reduce internal and external friction. This has been proven to lead to lower operating temperatures and longer mooring life. Features: Fixed or adjustable for easy positioning Lightweight Flexible Floats Easily removed for rope inspection  


Quantum-X is a 12-strand rope that has been engineered for X'tra performance: better snag resistance, higher coefficient of friction, enhanced cyclical bend over sheave (CBOS), and creep performance that its predecessor Quantum-12. It is lightweight, high-strength, floats, is flexible, and is easy to handle and splice. Quantum-X utilizes Dyneema SK78 fiber and also utilizes Samson's patented DPX fiber technology, resulting in a rope that maintains the advantages of Dyneema®; extreme strength and light weight, cut and abrasion resistance, and adds a higher coefficient of friction for use where enhanced grip is critical.


Dynalene, made of 100% Dyneema® fiber, is a unique product that protects the strength member from abrasion, yet allows the rope to be easily inspected for both internal and external fiber wear. Dynalene is permanently spliced over the rope and acts as a sacrificial cover. It is fully repairable in the field, does not absorb water, and floats.

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