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Rustibus is effective against corrosion. Their patented chain drum de-scalers come in a wide product range that removes rust and coatings down to the steel.With a network of international offices,Rustibus can offer the simplest solutions worldwide.

Products & Services


Rustibus Pipe Series

Rustibus ® Pipe machine uses centrifugal force to drive the cleaning process, which is carried out by sets of rotating hammers with Cemented Carbide units. These units hammer and scrape off paint and corrosion at a capacity of up to linear 75ft/23 m per hour and can give a cleaning result of St 3 +++(SSPC-SP11+++). The Rustibus ® Pipe Series are a cost effective and environmental friendly alternative for maintaining pipelines.

Rustibus Vertical Series

The RVS is a revolutionary solution for de-scaling flat verticalsurfaces, preferably for box shaped cargo holds or ships sides. With its unique simplicity and low weight, the RVS is easy to operate and move between the holds.The system is designed to cover heights up to 25 mtrs. / 82ft. The Rustibus ® Vertical System (RVS) is a contracting service from Dalseide Shipping Services. This service is available during cargo operations alongside or when in dry-dock.The RVS has proven to be an efficient and cost friendly alternative for such operations and two units can easily de-scale a cargo hold of 620 sq.mtrs. / 6673.62 sq.ft. in 12 hours. The result of using RVS is approvable for most paint systems, and in combination with grit blasting, it can save 80% grit.

Safe Edge by Rustibus

THE NEW INDUSTRY STANDARD FOR MANHOLE PROTECTION AND SAFETY. SafeEdge is a manhole protection cover designed to prevent accidents and injuries while operating. Prevailing practices for securing manholes range from no protection to installing rods, tape, or rope, with varying degrees of success. In the absence of an industry standard for manhole safety, SafeEdge provides a consistent, practical and effective solution.     

Safe Air by Rustibus

The Safe Air is a portable electric ventilation/blower Unit that has a variety of uses including removal of non-hazardous dirt or dust, drying carpet or damp areas, and adding needed ventilation to enclosed areas. The unit coverts air flow from intake to exhaust in mere seconds. 

Rustibus De-scalers

Rustibus machines use an electrically, pneumatically or diesel driven combination of impact shock and scraping to remove old paint and rust without damaging the original surface with a unique patented chain drum.Furthermore, they are the fastest tools of their type on the market, capable of clearing up to 4 m2 to 30 m2 per hour, depending on the size of the machine. Products range from large walk-behind machines used for wide areas such as cargo holds to smaller hand-held machines for detail work.Ex Series also available - Specifically engineered fro use in areas that have potentially explosive atmospheres, whether caused by dust or gas. 

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