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RSC Bio Solutions is committed to providing maritime operators high-performing, environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs) that allow them to meet the demanding needs of their operations while reducing environmental and employee risk.
RSC Bio Solutions offers FUTERRA™, the most durable EAL with Ecolabel certification. This first and only hydrocarbon renewable EAL outperforms other products on the market today, while meeting the most stringent global environmental regulations. FUTERRA is backed with a 10-year limited warranty, providing unparalleled peace of mind.
Additionally, RSC Bio Solutions offers EnviroLogic® branded technology that includes gear/thruster oils and greases, along with an innovative line of cleaners and solvents. These sustainable, high performing solutions perform superbly in both maritime and industrial markets. They protect your equipment, which can mean significant savings over time, all while providing a level of sustainability and environmental responsibility that protects your workforce, the planet and your business.
RSC Bio Solutions formulates technologies with an eye on performance and an eye on the future. For more information, please visit

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RSC EnviroLogic Grease Series

RSC EnviroLogic® Greases are VGP Compliant, biodegradable Lithium Complex greases designed to operate in severe outdoor environments and withstand corrosion in high performance industrial application where incidental environmental exposure is a cause for concern.  RSC EnviroLogic Grease 2 WREP offers outstanding water spray off performance, extreme pressure and anti-wear performance and broad operating temperature range (400°F to below freezing).  RSC EnviroLogic Grease #0, #1 and #2 offer extreme pressure and anti-wear performance and ultra-low temperature performance.

SAFECARE SC-1000 Aqueous Cleaner Concentrate

SAFECARE® SC-1000™ Aqueous Cleaner Concentrate is our most versatile and powerful cleaner used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications.SC-1000 is designed for industrial and marine applications where performance and safety are of equal importance. It is readily biodegradable and safe to use, store and dispose of. Plus, depending on the soil and task, this hardworking, concentrated product can be used full strength or diluted. And, unlike petroleum based alternatives, SC-1000 won't damage surfaces, people or the environment.- Non-irritating and non-caustic- Concentrated and economical to use- US EPA Design for the Environment Certified- Readily biodegradable, biodegrades ≥ 60% within 28 days*- 2013 EPA VGP compliant- CEFAS Gold Rating

CSR-4000 Solvent Cleaner

CSR-4000 Cleaner is a biobased, readily biodegradable powerful cleaner that can be used on multiple surfaces to clean a variety of oils and greasy soils.  It is particularly effective in removing oily and greasy soils from all surfaces.  Safe for use on painted surfaces.Applications include: concrete and floor cleaning, parts washer fluids, bilge and cargo holds, painted hangar floors, oil rig and deck wash, truck and equipment, tool and maintenance cleanup and grounds care equipment.CSR-4000 has a neutral pH and is a safer alternative for the people using it and the environment.

RSC EnviroLogic GO Series Industrial Gear Oils

RSC EnviroLogic® GO Series is comprised of readily biodegradable synthetic gear oils for use in a wide variety of marine applications where incidental exposure of oil to the environment is of concern. These products have unparalleled anti-wear and extreme pressure properties, excellent corrosion and rust protection and outstanding system cleanliness characteristics. In fact, the RSC EnviroLogic GO Series meets the most stringent FZG wear and extreme pressure test combinations of temperature, speed and pressure. So not only can the series directly replace petroleum based products of the same viscosity, but it ultimately can perform as well as or better than those potentially hazardous oils.- 2013 EPA VGP Compliant- Non-sheening- Certified as an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL)- Readily biodegradable, biodegrades ≥ 60% within 28 days

RSC FUTERRA HF Series Hydraulic Fluids

FUTERRA™, the first renewable hydrocarbon EAL, is designed to withstand extreme conditions and corrosion while operating in severe outdoor environments. It is intended for severe service, extreme high temperature (250°F / 121°C), low temperature (-40°F / -40°C) and high pressure (5000+psi) applications. Its excellent oxidative and hydrolytic stability and near zero foaming tendency ensure that the fluids will last much longer than other EALs and conventional oils. FUTERRA offers greater flexibility and the ultimate system compatibility – offering drop-in replacement and broad seal compatibility. Designed for industrial applications where incidental environmental exposure of the lubricant is a cause for concern.•Ecolabel Certified•2013 EPA VGP Compliant•Non-sheening•Drop-in replacement for mineral oil based lubricants

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