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Robert Allan Ltd.has earned an international reputation for innovative, successful designs for a wide range of specialized small ships, and has long been a leader in creating cost-efficient vessels for service in the marine transportation industry.

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Marine Consulting

Marine ConsultingRobert Allan Ltd. undertakes commissions for a broad range of maritime design and consulting activities, involving virtually every aspect of ship design, construction management, vessel maintenance and operation. Services are provided to a worldwide client base of ship owners, shipyards, government agencies, consultants and legal firms. We have the expertise to perform analytical studies for a wide variety of marine-related activities. Examples of such consulting services include: Vessel operation models    Construction or repair cost estimates    Vessel surveys and valuations    Transportation system economic studies    Ship-berthing analysis    Tug escort and towing force analysis    Stability analysis    Ship model testing and trials    Expert witness services to maritime lawyers relating to ship design, performance, construction and stability    Resistance and propulsion    Propeller optimization studies    Icebreaking performance    Vessel motions and seakeeping studies    Hull structures analysis    Finite element analysisOur firm has the expertise and specialized computer analysis tools to efficiently deal with any of the above subjects. The capability exists to develop customized analytical tools for most specialized problems.

Ship Design

Ship DesignRobert Allan Ltd. has an experienced, professional staff of naval architects and engineers capable of handling any type of ship design, but the company is best known for tackling the innovative and unusual design problem. Starting by working with our clients to develop a clearly defined statement of operational requirements, design drawings and specifications are prepared to suit the client's specific vessel and construction requirements and budget. The scope of services can range from concept outlines, through complete design documentation for contract bidding and Classification Society approval, to complete construction working drawings. Use of the latest in CADD facilities expedites and improves the accuracy of every aspect of ship design.

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