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Rice Nozzles is a subsidiary of Rice Group. Founded more than 90 years ago, Rice Group was created for the manufacture and distribution of marine industry, metalmechanic products, agriculture equipment and services. Rice Nozzles was established in 1978, committed to build marine nozzles, rudders systems, bow thruster and Z-Drives

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Rice Nozzles is a subsidiary of Rice Group. Founded more than 100 years ago, Rice Group was created for the manufacture and distribution of marine industry and metal mechanic products. Rice Nozzles was established in 1978, committed to build tunnel thrusters, marine bronze propellers, nozzles and rudder systems.

Products & Services


Rice Heavy Duty River Nozzles

Rice Heavy Duty River Nozzles The new HD River Nozzles by Rice is designed to meet the heavy demands of river service. If you work on the river, you already know that the nozzles encounter extraordinary problems due the e rosion from river sand and shallow operations. Extraordinary problems call for extraordinary solutions. Rice Nozzles has that solution: a nozzle developed for this particular application. Advantages: Custom designed, internally and externally reinforced, smooth inner face finishing to reduce cavitation. Over 250 Rice River Nozzles have been manufactured for the most important firms in the river industry in the last 13 years.

Rice Azimuth Thrusters

Rice Azimuth Thrusters Rice Azimuth Thruster has been developed with our 100+ years of experience and the collaboration of international consulters as well as the most important research and development institute in Mexico. Its simple and robust construction provides reliability and cost effective operation. Our first design stage has developed three different sizes for your convenience: 500Kw(670Hp) with 1321mm(52") nozzle. 750Kw(1000Hp) with 1626(64") nozzle. 1100Kw(1500Hp) with 1930mm(76") nozzle. Eventually, we will develop four more power choices: 1500Kw, 1800Kw, 2200Kw and 2500Kw.

Rice Speed Nozzles

Rice Speed Nozzles Designed to produce more power and speed than conventional Kort 19a nozzles. The special hydrodynamic profile (similar to the airwing of an airplane) provides smoother, vibration-free operation in going-ahead operation. 10 years field experience in trawlers and workboats has proven the following results: Rice Speed Nozzle System Vs. Open Propellers: Up to 40% more Bollard Pull. 25% more thrust at low speed. 10% more free running speed.

Rice Thrust Nozzles

Rice Thrust Nozzles Modern version of traditional Kort 37 type nozzle. Its larger fwd and aft end outside diameters produce higher ahead and astern condition bollard pull and thrust that any available nozzle design. Its hydrodynamic airfoil-type profile allows the water to go easily through the nozzle body thus also allowing to increase propeller’s pitch and producing higher free running speed too: Rice Thrust Nozzle system Vs. Open propellers: Up to: 50% more bollard Pull and 10% more free running speed.

Rice Full Motion System

Rice Full Motion System. Conceived to improve maneuverability in Rice Nozzle systems, our triple rudder systems reduce down to 35% the turning cycle of a nozzle system when compared to a single blade rudder with open propeller. The whole system (Rice Speed Nozzle, Skewed Kaplan propeller and High Aspect Ratio Triple Rudder System) is the most efficient conventional propulsion system available today in the market.

Rice Tunnel Thruster

Rice Tunnel Thrusters Our Rice Tunnel Thruster combines outstanding technologies to offer a highly reliable and profitable product to ensure the most efficient maneouverability. With Rice Tunnel Thrusters you can always rely on the best quality, high performance, on-time deliveries and full technical support. Rice Tunnel Thrusters power options cover the commercial range: 762mm Tunnel diameter @ 223Kw 1061mm Tunnel diameter @ 398Kw 1270mm Tunnel diameter @ 427Kw 1524mm Tunnel diameter @ 660Kw 1778mm Tunnel diameter @ 1014Kw 2031mm Tunnel diameter @ 1434Kw      

Rice Flap Rudders

Rice Flap RuddersRice maneuverabilty systems such as the RFMS have proven its efficiency when reducing the turning diameter dramatically. Users have publicly claimed that their boats can turn in their own axis. Our guarantee is a reduction of down to 35% of the turning diameter when compared to conventional systems. Rice Flap Rudders is just another great system which efficiency is as good as our RFMS.

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