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RIBCRAFT designs and builds safe, durable, performance oriented rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) that fulfill the most demanding military and professional applications. With over twenty-five years of experience, RIBCRAFT provides the highest quality professional grade RIBs and inflatables for military agencies, law enforcement, safety professionals, tour operators, private industry, and other marine professionals. As an American owned RIB manufacturer, RIBCRAFT is committed to providing organizations with excellent service and extremely well-constructed RIBs built to withstand hard, offshore 24/7 commercial use.

With a varied and diversified client base, RIBCRAFT has delivered thousands of RIBs worldwide. Dedicated to building dependable and durable professional grade RIBs, every RIBCRAFT is built to exacting specifications whether the requirement calls for USCG Sub Chapter T certification or U.S. Military and Naval specifications.

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At just under 16', the RIBCRAFT 4.8 employs the RIBCRAFT signature deep V hull to offer superior handling and performance for a boat of this size.  Used by government agencies and private industry, the 4.8 incorporates the qualities of exceptional safety, design and reliability.  Easily launched by trailer or hoist, the RIBCRAFT 4.8 is an excellent all purpose safety and response craft.  The 4.8 features a solid commercial fiberglass hull, a molded non-skid deck, and a heavy duty Hypalon tube with multiple chambers and pressure relief valves.


Offering RIBCRAFT's signature deep V hull and professional grade construction, the RIBCRAFT 5.7 is a versatile yet compact craft.  Designed as a shipboard vessel, the compact 18' 5.7 can be easily stowed and deployed from the mothership.  Whether used for shipboard or shore based operations, the 5.7 is a perfect inboard offering for workboat, security, safety, and transport operations.  Propelled by either a single jet or sterndrive, the 5.7 is equipped with a multi-fuel engine capable of operating on diesel or JP5 fuel.


The most relied on boat in the RIBCRAFT model line for government agencies and private industry, this 19' RIB provides an excellent platform for search and rescue operations, coastal patrols, and fast response applications.  Sure footed through tight turns and in rough seas, the 5.85's high swept bow, aggressive deep V hull and full length lifting strakes results in the boat's superior handling characteristics.  The ultimate in versatility, the RIBCRAFT 5.85 offers considerable latitude for personalization.


Designed with law enforcement and rescue professionals in mind, the RIBCRAFT 6.5 provides excellent control and performance in confused and rough seas found along coast lines and high traffic waterways.  The pronounced bow sheer, full length lifting strakes, and RIBCRAFT deep V hull combine for unsurpassed handling.  The 6.5's performance characteristics make it ideal for applications requiring speed and maneuverability.  From rescue applications to routine patrols, at just over 21', the RIBCRAFT 6.5 offers multiple configurations and options suitable for any task at hand.


Designed with all weather performance in mind, the RIBCRAFT 6.8, provides increased load capacity and internal deck space.  Offering unmatched handling in steep chop, large rollers, and breaking seas, the 6.8's offshore hull design makes it ideal for applications requiring speed and maneuverability regardless of the conditions.  With an overall length of just under 23' and a generous beam, the 6.8 supports single or twin engine configurations up to 230HP.  Providing customers with a host of configurations, the 6.8 is an excellent all purpose boat for rescue applications, patrol work, and tour operations.


Featuring the trademark RIBCRAFT hull design and offshore performance characteristics, the RIBCRAFT 7.0 meets the emergent requirements of military and government agencies around the world.  Designed specifically for shipboard operations, the RIBCRAFT 7.0 with an I/O diesel engine is ideally suited for maritime interdiction, boarding parties, search and seizure operations, security patrols, and anti-terrorism force protection.  Configured to provide the end user with the utmost in versatility, the 7.0 is designed to meet shipboard stowage constraints.  Built to exact military specifications, the RIBCRAFT 7.0 features an internal composite structure, high capacity self draining deck, and mechanically fastened Hypalon or polyurethane tube.


The 7.8 proves herself time and time again to the most demanding users around the world by providing operator and passengers RIBCRAFT's signature stable, dry ride even in the roughest offshore conditions.  With a long steep sheer towards the bow and an impressive deep V hull, this 25' RIB offers unparalleled safety and unsurpassed performance.  A true offshore RIB, the 7.8 meets the requirements of military agencies, safety professionals, commercial applications, and tour companies.  Whether the mission calls for an open deck for work space and gear or a partially enclosed cabin for all weather protection, the 7.8 hull is a versatile platform that can be configured to support virtually any mission.


The workhorse of the RIBCRAFT line, the 9.0 is designed specifically for offshore rough water conditions.  A pronounced deep V hull coupled with full length lifting strakes, the 9.0 is designed specifically for rough water conditions that provides for unparalleled handling characteristics.  Used by a variety of professionals from military and law enforcement agencies to tour operators and commercial organizations, the 29' RIBCRAFT 9.0 provides generous deck space for people and equipment.  With numerous deck configurations available ranging from an open center console to multiple pod seats or a console enclosure, the RIBCRAFT 9.0 accommodates most applications.

RIBCRAFT Express 32

The Express 32 offers the ultimate combination of performance and all weather protection. With its aggressive deep V hull, this 32' cabin RIB delivers high speed open water performance while maintaining responsiveness and agility. Featuring a highly functional interior/exterior pilothouse layout ideal for patrols, extended on-water applications, port security, and EMT operations, the generous cabin provides premium interior space with two large bunks and an enclosed head. With optional medical response, detainment, or galley modules, the Express 32 can be customized to any mission requirement.

RIBCRAFT 11.0 - 12.5

The largest offerings in the RIBCRAFT line, the RIBCRAFT 11.0 and RIBCRAFT 12.5 deliver the ultimate offshore response. By combining RIBCRAFT's signature deep V hull and bow sheer with an extended waterline and generous beam, these models make easy work of virtually any sea condition. Designed for extended passages and operations requiring large payload capacities, the 11.0 and the 12.5 offer incredible design flexibility. From a simple center console for optimal work space to multiple seating arrangements for crew and passenger transport to cabin arrangements for all weather protection or overnight accommodations, these flagship models answer the needs of virtually any application. Depending on speed and load requirements, the 11.0 and 12.5 offer the choice of twin or triple outboards or twin diesel sterndrives or jets.

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