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The Company was started in 1959 for the purpose to design and manufacture mechanical remote control systems for heavy marine applications; with the U.S. Navy and supporting private shipyards as the major customers.The first major development came with the building of the DE-1040 class ships by Bethlehem Steel Corporation. For these ships, and successive classes, we designed and furnished Remote Control Ventilation Operators, Remote Emergency Fuel Valve Shut-Offs, Remote Boiler Safety Valve Easing Gear Operators, and Whistle Pull Operators. All of the above, Mechanical Products are being supplied on current ship construction and in retrofit programs on all classes of Frigates, Destroyers, Amphibians, Auxiliaries and Aircraft Carriers.In the late 1970’s, we became involved in the development of the Remote Mechanical Winch Control Systems. Today, the R.G. Rollin Co. Winch Control Systems are used exclusively on U.S. Navy Standard Winches for the FAST and Underway Replenishment at Sea Ships.At the 1995 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show we introduced our new SOLO II system, which is a single lever dual function system for the one or two station boat market. SOLO II has all the same functional characteristics as SOLO, but at a lower cost. The lower cost of the SOLO II makes it a viable control system for the 28-40 foot two station boat market, which has inherent control problems in boats with fly bridges and tuna towers. The SOLO II has also been used on a number of large military and commercial vessels up to 195 feet in length. The SOLO systems have also been used as an integrated part of a number of electronic systems. SOLO produces a full time on line redundant system, over long cable runs, in case of electronic failure. The system has also been used to precisely link electronic stations together, for the purpose of multi-station lever movement in unison. The R.G. Rollin Co. has been in continuous operation for 45 years.

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KRF 3000 Ball Bearing Control Cable

KRF 3000 Ball Bearing Control CableThe ball bearing control cable can be used for installations requiring control cable lengths up to 150' long, and provide smooth acurate actuation.

SOLO II Control System

SOLO II Control SystemSingle Lever Control System for two station installationIntroduction:SOLO SYSTEMS introduces SOLO II, the only premium dual function single lever mechanical two station control in the industry today. The SOLO II SYSTEM is designed to provide the 40' to 140' vessel a premium dual station single lever system. SOLO II can also be used for vessels to 100' in certain applications. SOLO II has the same high quality components and ball bearing control cables as the SOLO SYSTEM and carries the same live-year warranty.Features:Pull handle out for throttle only engine warm upOnly one cable per engine to tower or bridge stationSmooth, positive control at both stationsDurable, built to last, long trouble free service

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