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RedFox Wastewater Treatment System is unmatched in quality, maintenance and performance. More than 5000 units have been placed into service for over 2500 customers worldwide. They are available in different styles: Conventional, FoxPac and Marine designs and are manufactured in steel, stainless and fiberglass. They also come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to satisfy every application—offshore, marine and land based. They are USCG/IMO Type II Certified and can be designed to meet all EPA requirements. RedFox may be the world leader in self-contained sewage treatment units through their RedFox Wastewater Treatment Systems; however, their services are multi-faceted. These include new construction and rental of treatment units, lift stations and trash compactors for use both onshore and offshore. They offer repairs and MMS inspections on all types of sewage treatment systems. They even have custom fabrication allowing them the ability to build their systems to suit customer’s specific features or dimension needs. RedFox continues to stay on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to tackling the important environmental issues constantly facing the world today. No one knows more about the treatment of wastewater and the protection of the environment in this broad field than the technical and development team at RedFox, and everyone who has used their product knows they work. At RedFox, their motto is “Best Built/Built to Last”…a motto they will continue to build on for the next 30 years to come.

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Red Fox Marine Series

Unique DesignThe redFox® Marine series clarifier operates under a fluid head pressure. This ensures the water discharge quality is superior to all of our competitors. Our competitors utilize an open style clarifier and are susceptible to problems caused by vibration and rolling seas. Solids do not settle properly and will negatively affect the discharge water quality

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