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Brings extensive experience to the marine and offshore industry established on the many installations of automated control systems, power solutions and variable frequency drives deployed around the world. Our integration and engineering experience combined with our highly rated repair and field service allows Quad Plus the opportunity to meet all the customer’s needs in terms of electrical solutions, service and support for their offshore vessels and applications. We offer an uncompromising level of service and expertise to maintain our customers’ productivity. We look for opportunities to help customers optimize their operations by implementing technology we have applied in other industries and environments.

This year Quad Plus is highlighting our Electric Smart Winch solution along with our unparalleled service and repair on VFD’s. Our certified repair and service technicians can provide certified start-up and on-site support on various major manufacturers’ VFD’s.

Products & Services


Electric Smart Winch

Electric Smart Winch "All In One" Packaging Applications: *Active Heave Compensation *ROV's *LAR's *Vessel Towing/Escort *Oceanic & Hydrographic Towing *Constant Tension

Certified VFD Repairs

Applications: *Thruster Drives *Propulsion Drives *Anchor Winch Drives

Electric Propulsion Drive Systems

MV and LV Solutions

Electrical System Integration

Turnkey from Design, Engineering and Build.

Power Studies

Detailed analysis of power quality and efficiency.

Generator Control and Distribution

Sync'ing, Paralleling Control and Distribution Systems 

Electrical Retrofit Solutions

Making aging electrical installations new with refurbishment or replacement.

Arc Flash Studies

Onsite analysis by one of our professionals to compile a report on areas of possible hazards and the steps that need to be taken to improve worker safety and insure proper electrical system operation.

Circuit Breaker Repair and Maintenance

From simple maintenance to completely rebuilding.

Boat Building / Repair

  • Automation

Electrical Systems & Components

  • Electrical Systems & Components


  • Equipment Testing