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Microtherm and Promat offer advanced solutions for Fire Protection, Sound Control, and Thermal Insulation for marine applications. Products include:

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Promarine Panel Systems

We Manufacture Wall Panel Systems utilizing our Solid Core Promarine, which are Certified, Non-combustible, B-15, up through A-60. These Panel Systems are also Manufactured for Ceiling Panels, Non-Combustible, and B-15. Both of these Panel Systems, are supplied with Steel Profiles, for a very strong, and durable installation.

Promasound TL

Low flame spread flexible barrier for acoustic insulation, with no heavy metals content and totally lead and PVC free. PROMASOUND® TL is an innovative latest generation visco-elastic product; it provides high performance acoustic insulation and low fire and smoke spread, with MED certification and USCG approval. In acoustics, it is the first valuable insulating barrier (mass) aimed at replacing lead foils and PVC; it provides unique advantages for installation in that it is easy and fast, and for safety and environmental protection, being a safe and harmless material.


Promaguard, a very thin A-60 Solution, using two 10mm Layers, is A-60 Approved for Bulkhead, and Deck / Ceiling use, on Steel, and Aluminum Vessels.

Promat Synthesis Floating Floor

Promat Synthesis Floating Floor, for additional Sound and Vibration Dampening, for enhanced Acoustical Performance, Decoupled with our other products, like Promadamp, Promasound, Promaphon, and Promaguard.

Promaglaf HTK-1100

Promaglaf HTK-1100, using one 38.1mm Layer to Insulate Scrubber Installations.

Promat Marine Furniture

Promat Marine Furniture, Non-Combustible using Promarine Panels, or Combustible using conventional Wood Core Panels, utilizing Decorative HPL Laminates.

Promadamp CLSK

Promadamp CLSK, a Vibration Dampening Material that can be applied to specific areas where additional Vibration Dampening is needed, and also as Synthesis with our Promat Synthesis Floating Floor.

Promaglaf WB ALU

Promaglaf WB ALU, For additional Fore Protection, used in Synthesis applications, for A-60 Approvals on GRP Vessels, in conjunction with our Promaguard.

Promaphon PE

Promaphon PE, for additional Sound Absorption, and used in synthesis with our other Acoustical Sound Dampening / Absorption Products.

Microtherm Overstitched

Microtherm Overstitched, For very single, and double layer Applications for A-60 USCG Approvals for A-60, and also N-30 Approved for US Navy Vessels.

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