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Prime Mover Controls, Inc. is a world leading manufacturer of Marine Propulsion Controls and Integrated Machinery Alarm and Control Systems. We have been designing and manufacturing high quality marine systems for 49 years. Our proven and reliable products can be found in service on all types of vessels in challenging conditions throughout the world.

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Propulsion Order Telegraphs - Azimuth Drives

Azimuth Propulsion Order Telegraphs to meet USCG and class requirements.Two styles; reversing or non-reversing propeller.  -  Reversing propeller units provide eleven power orders with ahead / astern indication.  - Non-reversing propeller units provide six power orders.Both styles provide twenty four azimuth direction orders and six auxiliary orders.

MPC-FP Marine Propulsion Control System

MPC-FP Marine Propulsion Control System for yachts and workboats with fixed pitch propellers.The latest proven digital electronics are utilized along with a LCD panel integrated into each control station.Multiple redundancies and features have been implemented to provide improved performance, reliability and reduced costs.

Propulsion Order Telegraphs - Pushbutton Style

PMC recently introduced our next generation compact pushbutton style engine order telegraph, the Series 8202-4000.New features include nine propulsion order buttons per shaft, isolated output connection to the ship’s VDR, redundant communication networks and setup / alarm viewing via LCD display.

MPC-CP Marine Propulsion Control System

MPC-CP Marine Propulsion Control System for vessels with variable pitch propellers.The latest proven digital electronics are utilized along with a LCD panel integrated into each control station. Multiple redundancies and features have been implemented to provide improved performance, reliability and reduced costs.Feed forward pitch positioning, adaptive automatic load control and automatic load sharing ensure fast maneuvering and optimum engine loading throughout the full operating range.The LCD user interface at each control station allows viewing and modifying system operating parameters. Maximum RPM, pitch and load trims are password protected. Machinery status such as engine RPM, shaft rpm and propeller pitch is also displayed on the LCD user interface.

Propulsion Order Telegraphs - Lever Style

Type 5401 Lever Telegraph Systems transmit propulsion orders from the ship's wheelhouse to the engine control room or local at engine control station(s) as backup communication for emergency operation when primary remote control fails.This traditional lever style telegraph allows bi-directional communication in the form of orders placed and acknowledged by moving the telegraph levers at the requesting and acknowledging stations.Optional wrong direction audible and visual alarms, with adjustable time delay, are activated when the direction of propulsion is not the same as the acknowledged telegraph order.System design allows for up to nine wheelhouse stations and six machinery space station for twin or single screw operation.The PMC Type 5401 Lever Telegraph Systems can be integrated with the propulsion control heads, allowing for electrical independence with shared mechanical connection.

Multifunction Graphic Display

The PMC Type 8180 Multifunction Graphic Display is a dimmable LCD display available as either a tachometer display or an engine communication gateway/display.The tachometer display is suitable for either uni-directional or bi-directional rotating machinery, providing prominent display of ahead and astern direction indication. The display provides isolated rpm signal inputs and meter outputs for driving remote analog displays. Four programmable open collector input/outputs and one dry contact relay output are provided for external logic, interlocks or fault output. A Modbus RTU slave communication port allows networking with other PMC or OEM applications. The engine communication gateway/display indicates machinery operating parameters as available from serial communication sources (SAE J1939/J1587, NMEA) and provides the data on a Modbus RTU slave port for use by other PMC or OEM applications.

IMACS Integrated Machinery Alarm and Control System

The PMC Integrated Machinery Alarm and Control Systems (IMACS) is a technically advanced Windows based graphical user interface for machinery alarm and control functions.Seamlessly integrating with PMC’s Omni Chief distributed control and monitoring system hardware, the IMACS provides easy-to-use graphical displays for systems automation, safety systems, trending, health monitoring, power management, fire suppression, motor control and environmental control (HVAC).The IMACS workstations and Omni Chief units, featuring layered redundancy with an optional dual high-speed network, function independently, without a centralized file server. The IMACS can summarize and network all the data that is collected from electronic engine packages, fire alarm panels, power management systems, motor controls, environmental controls and other electronic control systems throughout the vessel.

Navigation Light Control Panels for Incandescent Fixtures

Type 8010 and Type 8012 Navigation Light Control Panels for optically isolated supervision of incandescent navigation light fixtures, branch circuit wiring and power sources. Suitable for controlling dual, single or twin single lamp fixtures, fed from dual independent power sources.Both panels provide dimmable LED indicators for lamp on, lamp circuit failure, primary and secondary power available and power fail. Audible alarms sound on failure; the panels include a silence pushbutton. Front replaceable fuses are used in the lamp control and power select modules. The Type 8012 Navigation Light Control Panel provides for a higher lamp load capacity and automatic transfer features for both lamp control and input power.

Tank Level Monitor

Tank level indication and alarms for up to eight tanks can be monitored simultaneously, displayed in user selectable units of measure.Each tank level display consists of an engraved nameplate for tank identification, large six digit LED display for level status, bargraph for percent volume display, four alarm LEDs for high and low level alarms (Very High, High, Low, Very Low) and alarms for high flow rate (leak detection) and transducer fault.Four relay outputs are available per panel for alarming purposes.  Each alarm point is provided with independent time delays for SLOW and FAST scan rates.Four analog outputs are available per panel for display purposes. Outputs can be programmed for any one of the eight tanks.Two scanning rates are incorporated into the panel. FAST scan is used when filling to ensure instantaneous readings, and SLOW scan is used while under way to cancel out the effects of fluids sloshing around in the tanks.

Navigation Light Control Panels for LED Fixtures

The PMC series 8014 LED Navigation Light Control is a compact, control, alarm and monitoring system for single, twin single, or dual LED navigation light fixtures.The user interface (display unit) includes individual lamp “on-off” control, group functions, primary and secondary power source selection, dimming control, and test/silence. Dimming control of all panel back lighting and indicators is provided for viewing in conditions ranging from direct sunlight to night operations.All navigation light fixture connections are made at the control unit and include optional outputs to drive external mimic panels. All fuses for power inputs and lamp outputs are front replaceable, without disassembly/opening of the control unit.

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