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Mid-America Foundation Supply d/b/a Poseidon Barge was founded in 1986. MAFCO and; Poseidon serves the Foundation Piling, Bridge and; Marine Construction Industries.  We offer 5’

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Poseidon Sea Bee Barge Pusher

The Poseidon Sea Bee pins to the sides of the barges using the same connection system as the barge.  The unit is hydraulically raised & lowered while the unit is running.  This option allows you to raise the unit up in shallow water and lower in deeper waters.  The power pack is attached to the main thrust units on the sides of the barge with quick disconnect hydraulic hoses.  This feature allows you to position the power pack at any position on the barge, allowing the steering operator full site around any equipment on the barge.  Interchangable connection brackets gives you the ability to attach our unit to multiple barge manufactures.  We can also custom design a bracket to fit on to your barge. Single and Dual units are available.  Power requirements depend on the size of the platform, water movement, potential wind load and platform load.  The Poseidon Sea Bee is designed to move the platform around the job site.  The unit does not require a tug boat captain to operate.

Poseidon Portable Sectional Barges

Poseidon Sectional Barges Introducing the Poseidon P10 - 10' Sectional Barge:  Truckable to the job site with deck barge capacity and sectional barge mobility.  Tops are fabricated with a patented roll form deck material providing up to 30,000 psf point load capacity.  Equipment tie downs are built into the deck with hatches. Units are coated on the interior for corrosion control and have flush mount anodes on the exterior.  The exterior is coated with a patented Baril Zinc Rich Primer &  Premium Low Gloss Finish.  Baril paint does not chalk and fade like epoxies! Stock sizes include the 44' x 11' x 10' section, 22' x 11' x 10' section, Spud Pockets and 24" x 3/4" wall spuds. Poseidon 1 Sectional Barges 5' high barges features the easy hairpin connection system.  Our units are coated on the interior with bio-float rust inhibitor.  The exterior is finished with Bar Rust 235 and have zinc anodes applied for increased protection.  New units have a 20,000 psf top with hatches for easy inspection.  We stock 40’ x 10’ x 5’ units, 20’ x 10’ x 5’ units, 10’ x 10’ x 5’ rake sections, ramps, external mount spud pockets, and 40’, 30’ & 20’ Spuds.  The 40’ barges weigh 23,500 lbs each allowing us to ship two on a step deck truck and trailer with over-width permits.   The Poseidon P1L Sectional Barges are 8' x 32' x 3'2" designed for smaller equipment such as a Bob Cat or mini excavator.  These units can also be used for dock systems or work platforms for painting or diving crews.  We can ship 3 - units on a step deck truck with out overwidth permits. The Poseidon 2 Sectional Barges feature a Flexifloat® compatible connection system.  We now offer both 5’ and 7’ tall barges.  Our units are coated with bio-float rust inhibitor on the interior and Bar Rust 235 epoxy on the exterior.  Zinc anodes are also applied as standard for additional barge life.  Our tops are rated at 20,000 psf point load capacity & come standard with a deck hatch. We offer pockets and spuds for both sizes. We stock 40' x 10' x 5's & 7's, 20' x 10' x 5's & 7's, rake & ramp sections. The Poseidon 3 Sectional Barges feature a Shugart® compatible connection system.  The P3 includes our 20,000 psf tops, standard 24" deck hatch, single pick lifting shackle, coated interior with Bio-Float, zinc anodes on the exterior along with two-part epoxy paint.  These units are designed to float at the same level as the competitor's barge and however they are light enough to ship 2 - 41'4" units on a step deck trailer.  This saves freight costs on every project!  We have Stock Locations covering the US, Canada & Mexico. Our main office & fabrication is in Fort Wayne, IN with distribution yards in Belle Chase, LA, Wilton, NY, Cocoa FL, Plain, WI:& dealer yards in, Seattle, WA, Irvine & Redding, CA & .  Please call us at 866-992-2743 or email at info@poseidonbarge.com  for pricing and availability.

Poseidon Double Drum Winch units

Poseidon Winch units The P65 Rapid Reverse Double Drum Winch is powered by a key start 65 HP Cummins Diesel engine. Includes a 12 Volt Battery Pack, two section manual control valve, a 85 gallon hydraulic oil reservoir using environmentally friendly Clarity Oil. The P65  produces 12,000 lbs line  pull empty & 7,143 lbs line pull @ 176 fpm full with (2) H-12 Pullmaster Winch's.  Each drum will hold up to 222' of 5/8'' steel cable. The P100 Free Fall Double Drum Winch is powered by a key start 100 HP Cummins Diesel engine.  The unit includes a 12 volt battery pack, two section manuel control valve with a separate free fall circuit valve and a 120 gallon hydraulic oil reservior using environmentally friendly Clarity Oil.  The M18 Pullmaster winch produces 18,000 lb line pull empty & 8,649 lbs line pull full.  Each winch will hold up to 500' of 3/4" cable.

Poseidon Dredge / Rock Box

Poseidon Barge Dredge / Rock Box Poseidon Barge fabricates, sells and rents the Poseidon Barge Dredge / Rock Box. The boxes measure 15' long x 9' wide x 4'6" tall holding 12.5 cubic yards of material. The boxes have four (4) lift eyes allowing for easy handling as well as emptying out with the crane.  Each box has a shipping weight of 7,950 lbs. and can be stacked.  The sides and end panels are fabricated with 1/2" Gr A-36 steel and the beveled front and bottom panel is fabricated with 3/4" steel plate.  Four (4) rows of 1/2" x 2-1/2" steel ribs are attached to the bottom and beveled end to help protect when unloading the box manually with an excavator bucket.  Weep holes around the bottom allow water to drain out of the box as you are filling it with dredge spoils.  Call Poseidon Barge at 866-992-2743 for price and availability.

Poseidon Barge Accessories

LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM LADDERS: Poseidon Barge offers light weight aluminum ladders for the sides of the barges.  This allows for easy access from a john boat or if someone were to fall over deck. REMOVABLE DECK CLEATS: 18" Deck Cleats are easily installed through the rope thimbles on the sides of the barges 42" SAFETY DECK RAILINS: Railing comes in 42" high by 10' sections built from steel tubing.  Sections are connected by pipe couplings and elbows. 

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