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Polyset is a leading manufacturer of high performance coating systems for both steel & concrete structures in the marine industry. Our flagship product, WB HRZS® Single Coat System, is a 100% WaterBorne High Ratio Zinc Silicate that chemically bonds to steel and offers superior corrosion protection. It additionally exhibits very high heat and abrasion resistance, is weldable, 0 VOC, and is also available as a Primer or Preconstruction Primer. WB HRZS® Primer can be topcoated with various options including our Ply-Guard AS (Polyaspartic) and Ply-Guard PSC8 (Polysiloxane); both products offer high gloss and color retention, and additional abrasion and chemical resistance. Ply-Guard UR (Polyurea) can be spray-applied to very high film thickness (80-200 mils DFT) in a single pass and offers excellent impact, chemical, and abrasion resistance for both structural steel and concrete applications.

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WB HRZS® Single Coat System

Polyset manufactures a 100% waterborne high ratio zinc silicate coating that provides superior corrosion protection (both cathodic and galvanic), high abrasion and heat resistance up to 750°F, and is 0 VOC.Originally developed by NASA, Polyset was the first commercial manufacturer of WB HRZS® Single Coat System designed to protect steel in the harshest of marine and offshore environments. Ideal for marine, hydro, and other industries where high performance products are required, WB HRZS® has an excellent adhesion to steel (chemical bond) and will not undercut. Designed as a single coat system, it does not require a topcoat, regardless of application.WB HRZS® is self-curing, offers hard-fouling resistance, meets the requirements of ASTM B117 passing 10,000 hours of testing in salt-fog corrosion chamber, and is NACE TM0304 approved.

Ply-Guard AS (Polyaspartic Coating System)

Polyset offers a two-component, fast-curing polyaspartic coating system that can be applied directly to prepared concrete or metal surfaces. Ply-Guard AS exhibits superior color and gloss retention, excellent abrasion, impact, and wear resistance, and excellent Direct-To-Metal (DTM) coating – passing 2,000 hours of testing in salt-fog corrosion chamber (ASTM B117).Ply-Guard AS has very good corrosion, chemical, and UV resistance, and can achieve a uniform coating thickness of 2-8 mils DFT per coat that is free of bubbles and pinholes.

Ply-Guard UR (Polyurea Coating System)

Polyset offers a two-component, rapid curing, spray-applied polyurea coating/lining system that is 100% solidsand 0 VOC.Ply-Guard UR can be directly spray-applied (or with the aid of a primer) to metal, concrete, wood, fiberglass, and geotextiles. Ply-Guard UR exhibits excellent abrasion and impact resistance, as well as very good chemical resistance. Its physical properties are not affected by UV exposure. 


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