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Fully Synthetic, Saturated Ester, Readily Biodegradable, Non Toxic, No Compromise, High Performance, Life Time Fill Hydraulic Fluid.

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PANOLIN has more than 30 years experience with Environmentally Friendly, high performance lubricants and over 60 years of supplying the industry with Swiss Oil Technology making us the leading manufacturer of environmentally considerate lubricants (ECL’s). Our GREENMARINE ECL’s employ 100% synthetic saturated esters and special additives engineered for harsh marine environments. GREENMARINE lubricants are 100% VGP compliant, readily biodegradable according to OECD 301B/ASTM D 5864, and minimally toxic to aquatic life. Moreover, field tests prove that our synthetic lubricants last up to 5x longer than comparable mineral oil products. Ship owners will appreciate that GREENMARINE products reduce CO2 emissions by decreasing oil change frequency and increasing machine operating efficiency. The GREENMARINE product line includes hydraulic fluids, gear oil, stern tube lubricants, and greases for every part of a vessel.

Hydraulic Fluids

HLP SYNTHHigh performance, fully synthetic hydraulic fluid that is VGP compliant, readily biodegradable and non-toxic. HLP SYNTH is a LIFE TIME fill with extremely long oil change intervals. Quality of fluid is monitored through regular oil sample analysis to maintain performance.ATLANTISThe product of over 25 years of experience in high performance ECLs. This bio-hydraulic fluid is based on saturated synthetic esters for offshore and marine applications. MARHYDFully synthetic high-performance hydraulic fluid of the latest generation, zinc-free and rapidly biodegradable. Applications include VGP compliant port installations and vessels.

Gear Fluid

EP GEAR SYNTHFully synthetic, biodegradable high-performance oil for thrusters, stabilizers, industrial gear boxes, roller bearings and slide bearings. Contains additives that protect against oxidation, corrosion and wear. This product has excellent high pressure properties and high temperature oxidation stability that doesn't lead to gumming even under high thermal load.MARGEARFully synthetic high-performance gear oil for maritime applications including thrusters, stabilizers, gear drives and gear boxes, roller bearings and slide bearings. This ECL is based on naturally renewable ester technology and provides exceptionally long service life.

Stern Tube Lubricant

STELLA MARISDesigned for stern tube applications, PANOLIN STELLA MARIS is a fully synthetic, high-performance, readily biodegradable, non-toxic hydraulic fluid made from saturated esters. Made with high-grade additives, it is zinc-free and environmentally friendly.STELLA MARIS NRTFully synthetic, biodegradable stern tube lubricant based on PANOLIN New Renewable ester based Technology. Priced to compete with lower performance alternatives while still offering good lubricity and anti-wear properties in addition to good compatibility with traditional performing seals.


BIOGREASE EP 2Our multipurpose, fully synthetic and readily biodegradable grease. It offers good mechanical stability, water resistance, anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties over a wide temperature range.MARGREASE EP 2Readily biodegradable EP universal lubricating grease with superior water washout protection, primarily for exposed applications including roller and slide bearings, conveyor and drive chains, steel ropes and cables, open gears and stabilizers.MARGREASE EP 0Readily biodegradable EP fluid grease for application such as automatic injection systems, rudders and stabilizers.

Lubricating Fluid

BIOTRACK EDesigned for lost-oil lubrication systems such as winch and cable, wire ropes, capstans, flanged wheels, gear drive chains, and hydraulic demolition hammer picks/chisels. Based on naturally renewable ester technology, BIOTRACK E offers good emergency running properties.

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