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NABRICO has been closely associated with the nation’s waterways for more than 109 years. From the design of barge accessories and deck fittings to the day to day commitment to customer service, NABRICO is one of the most highly respected names in the water transportation industry. NABRICO’S lines of hand, electric and hydraulic winches are prime examples of our ongoing commitment to excellence in design and quality. In addition, NABRICO offers a complete line of hatches, castings, watertight doors, tank barge fittings, barge moving systems, anchor winches, capstans. Just call NABRICO.

Products & Services


Marine Doors

NABRICO Marine Doors • Quick Acting Handwheel Doors • Quick Acting Lever Doors • 4 & 6 Dog Doors • Many standard sizes with ABS Certification • Watertight • Custom Sizes Available


NABRICO Hatches • Dogged Round/Oval, Square • Multibolt Round/Oval, Square • Ullage • Escape/Scuttle • Twist Lock • Flush Watertight  • Quick Acting • Stainless Steel, Steel and Aluminum • Custom Sizes Available

Winches: Manual/Hand, Electric, Hydraulic

NABRICO Winches Manual - 10, 20, 40 & 60 Ton• All steel construction• Machine cut gears• Bronze bushed bearings• Full load rated hand brake with Stainless Steel braking surface• Corrosion-resistant hardware• Lever ratchet for extra high tension• Blasted and painted, galvanized and other coating availableHydraulic - 10, 20, 40, & 60 Ton• Self-contained hydraulic/electric power unit with Stainless Steel tank• Mechanical dog for emergency manual operation• Hydraulic system prevents power spikes• Free-wheeling feature to allow faster cable pull-out• Stainless Steel components: control box, guards, tanks, and fastenersElectric - 40 & 65 Ton• Salt water package standard• Hot-dipped galvanized• Stainless Steel or silicon bronze fasteners• 3-ply conveyer belt covers• Provisions for emergency manual operation• Over 100 fewer parts than other electric winches• Amp draw limits, variable speeds and motor protection• Heaviest winch in its class• 7.5 HP motor standard (others available)


NABRICO Capstans • Electric • Hydraulic


NABRICO Kevels • Cast Steel • Cast Steel Heavy • Cast Steel Kevel Chock • Cast Steel Thru Deck • Cast Steel Raised • Cast Steel Raised Thru Deck


NABRICO Bitts • Single Bitts • Single Thru Deck • Single Thru Deck w/ Horn • Fabricated Single • Fabricated Cruciform • Double Bitts

Steel Chocks

NABRICO Steel Chocks • Cast Steel Button • Cast Steel Open • Cast Steel Closed • Panama Canal • Mooring Ring • Fabricated Button • Combination • Fabricated Open NABRICO Roller Chocks • Single Roller • Single Roller Button • Pivoting Roller

Stainless Steel Chocks

NABRICO Stainless Steel Chocks • Stainless Steel Button Chock • Stainless Steel Fixed Chock

Specialty: Barge Cranes, Expansion Domes/Trunks, Fuel/Oil Tanks, Bellmouths, Barge Connecting Pins

NABRICO Specialty • Barge Cranes • Expansion Domes/Trunks • Fuel/Oil Tanks • Bellmouths • InterlockingPins • D-Rings • Heads • Drip pan / Covers • Dry Box / Document Boxes

Winches: Anchor Winches & Windlasses

NABRICO Anchor Winches & Windlasses • Standard and custom sizes available

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