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Mody Pumps, Inc. manufactures and distributes a variety of pumps for the dewatering, wastewater and slurry markets. In the marine sector the portable dewatering pumps are available in standard and all stainless steel construction with a pumping range up to 9200 GPM and a horsepower range from 1.3 to 250 HP. Mody Pumps, also offers the MSP, MSPG, MHC, and MHMXP Series with solid handling capabilities upto 6″. Call us or stop by our booth for more information on our complete dewatering, wastewater and slurry pump lines.  All the pumps are available in 60/50Hz.and virtually in any voltage.

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Dewatering Pump

Dewatering Pump MODY SLIM-LINE SERIES-DEWATERING  The Mody Slim-Line Contractor Dewatering Pumps were specifically developed where the  overall diameter of the pump is critical when the pumps are fitted inside a well casings, designed to meet the rugged mine and industrial application requirements  Equipped to handle contaminated fluids at construction sites, mines and power plants. These rugged, heavy duty, class “H” insulation, epoxy-coated, stainless steel-fitted pumps are ideal in any rental fleet. The Slim-line horsepower range is from 1.3 HP (1 kW) to 150HP (110 kW) 60/50 Hz.

Non-Clog Pump

Non-Clog PumpThe Mody Non-Clog Submersible Pumps address applications where large solid particles are present in the pumping medium. These Stainless Steel Wet End, Vortex-style, recessed-Impeller pumps are ideal for corrosive/abrasive applications in the marine, food screening, concrete and waste water treatment industries. These units have the capabilities to handle 2.5” sphere size solids. Available in complete Stainless Steel construction. This pump series has three units with a max horsepower of 10 HP (7.5 kW) 60/50 Hz. 

Sewage Pump

MODY MSP SERIES -  WASTEWATER/ SEWAGE & STORM WATERThe Mody MSP Pumps are designed for variety of installations; portable, wet pit, and fixed dry pit installations. The pumps are equipped with High Efficiency Motors, Class “H” insulation and VFD rated. A unique integral, self-contained maintenance free cooling system is available as an option. This series is available with various motor speeds and voltages. The horsepower range is from 5 to 180 HP  (3.7 KW to 135 KW)  60/50Hz.  

Stainless Steel Pump

Stainless Steel Pump The Mody dewatering SS line was specifically developed where the overall diameter of the pump is critical in corrosive applications. These centerline discharge pumps are designed to fit in 6.5, 8, 12, 16, 18 inch well casings. All Mody Sewage and Non-Clog pumps are also available in complete 316SS Construction. Capable of handling contaminated fluids typical at most Landfills, Nuclear Power Plants, Mines, Paper & Pulp Industries etc., these SS pumps provide an economical alternative to line shaft/vertical thermoplastic/exotic metal pumps.- 1.3 HP to 58 HP - 30 GPM to 2200 GPM - 5' to 350' Discharge Heads - ALL STAINLESS STEEL 304/316 with corrosion/abrasion - resistant Stainless Steel Wet Ends - Tandem Tungsten Carbide/Tungsten Carbide and Tungsten Carbide/Tungsten Carbide Mechanical Seals wholly enclosed in a pressure-compensated oil chamber  - Continuous rated 'F' Class; triple-dipped and epoxied heavy-duty Motors available in any voltage/ frequency combinations


The Mody MHC Series HI-Chrome Slurry pump is designed for portable installation to handle highly abrasive particles in suspension.   The series features 28% HI-Chrome wet end components with an agitator available as an option. The Hi-Chrome open dual impellers are designed to provide maximum solids handling without sacrificing efficiency. The series is equipped with High Efficiency Motors, Class H insulation and VFD rated. The horsepower range is up to 150HP (60Hz) 112KW (50Hz).

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