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For over 100 years Michigan Wheel has manufactured a variety of bronze and NiBrAl commercial and pleasure boat propellers 3” to 96” diameter, and 150” on contracted stainless steel. New in 2011 are world-class AQUALUBE water lubricated bearings.

Products & Services


DQ Special

The DQ Special is an authoritative extension of the tried and true Dyna-Quad design, with added blade area for larger commercial and pleasure boat applications. It is an excellent choice for the performance-minded crew boat, and supply boat operators, offering more muscle, maneuverability, smoothness, and added speed. It is available in a wide variety of diameter and pitch ratios starting at 32" in diameter. Available in 4-Blade 32" - 56" Diameter Range; 0.76 - 0.91 E.A.R.


A legend throughout the workboat community, the Work Horse is a symbol of reliability and durability. It's symmetrical, semi-elliptical blades form a durable propeller with good forward and reverse thrust performance. Work Horse propellers are an excellent choice for a wide range of workboats operating at low speeds. Available in 4-Blade 24" - 60" Diameter Range; 0.71 E.A.R. Available in 4-Blade 62" - 96" Diameter Range; 0.62 E.A.R. Available in 5-Blade 30" - 60" Diameter Range; 0.89 E.A.R.

Machine Pitch

Just like the Work Horse, the Machine Pitch has gained a reputation as a hard working propeller for hard working boats. Available in a Heavy Duty (HD) version with thicker, more durable blade edges to resist abrasion and blade fracture. Ideal for vessels with speed below 15 knots. Available in 3-Blade 8" - 60" Diameter Range; 0.51 E.A.R. Available in 3-Blade 62" - 96" Diameter Range; 0.47 E.A.R.


When increased durability is required without increased blade area, the Dura-Quad is the answer. The Dura-Quad is based on our Dyna-Quad design, but features thicker blades for maximum strength. Another good choice for higher speed commercial vessels. Available in 4-Blade 24" - 36" Diameter Range; 0.76 E.A.R.

Michigan Aqualube Bearings

Michigan Wheel has continued to set the standard on quality products with the Michigan Aqualube Bearings series. Michigan offers a competitive water lubricated bearing line with a selection that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its customers. Currently available with traditional brass shells, with and without flange, as well as Phenolic (non-metallic) shell for applications where reactivity is a concern. Michigan Wheel keeps a wide selection in stock in their warehouse in Grand Rapids and through their select stocking distributors. 


The Kaplan propeller is designed to operate in a nozzle. Its design includes foil sections at the inner radii, and flat face ogival sections at the outer radii to maximize efficiency and minimize cavitation. Available in skewed designs, the Kaplan is an excellent choice for trawlers, draggers, tugs, and other applications where a large amount of thrust is required at low speeds. Available in 4-Blade 35" - 95" Diameter Range; 0.56 - 0.71 E.A.R.

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