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METSS Corporation is a technology-based company formed in 1994 and located in central Ohio. Our core capabilities include custom-designing hydraulic lubricants and developing advanced surfactants for military and commercial applications. Since 2014, METSS has supplied the US Navy with a dual-use synthetic hydraulic and lubricating oil specifically developed for all classes of nuclear and non-nuclear submarines and surface ships. While Los Angeles-class attack submarines were the first boats to adopt METSS’ synthetic fluid (designated 2190-S) throughout the ships’ service hydraulic system and primary lube oil (PLO) system, approvals to overhaul Ohio-class, Seawolf-class, and Virginia-class submarines with METSS’ 2190-S are underway. The Columbia-class submarines have been slated to integrate 2190-S beginning at new construction in 2021. METSS anticipates that the US Navy’s surface fleet will integrate 2190-S when it becomes clear that life-cycle costs are realized through significant savings in preventative and corrective maintenance and the need for supporting longer operational missions develops. METSS is exploring opportunities with potential manufacturing partners to continue providing high-performance lubricants and surfactants at sustainable economic margins.

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METSS 2190-S (MIL-DTL-32353A) Synthetic Hydraulic and Lubricating Oil


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