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Metals USA is the service center leader in technological innovation; our state-of-the-art blast and paint lines incorporate the latest developments in surface preparation and consistent finish coating. Our machines can process plates up to 2-1/2” in thickness and up to 153-inches in width and we can accommodate beam sections up to 36” x 18”.

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Plate Burning

Plate Burning To compliment our blast and prime capabilities we offer a wide range of burning options; whether you need oxy-fuel cutting of heavy plate, or mirror-image plasma burning with plate scribing, we can meet your on-time delivery with the highest quality results! We have a variety of plasma tables offering 260-amp and 400-amp high-definition burning with ample cutting areas of 26' x 120' for high production output on each table!As a leader in innovation, Metals USA offers precision laser-burning to its shipyard customers. Our twin, 6,000-watt Tanaka lasers can burn mild steel up to 1-1/8” in thickness and we can accommodate a wide range of plate sizes on our 13-foot by 240-foot burning table. By utilizing precision laser burning and its cutting tolerances of plus or minus five-thousandths; the shipyard Project Manager can achieve up to a twenty-percent increase in the efficiency of module assembly through true and proper fit of components!

Press Forming

Press Forming At Metals USA we understand the needs of the shipbuilder; we know the importance of a perfect fit when it comes to forming bulkhead crimp-panels, rake knuckles, and other critical components. Our presses are capable of achieving these transitions with relative ease and accuracy! Our press equipment list includes: 1650-ton x 46' Ermak - Mobile 1500-ton x 45' Pacific - New Orleans 1000-ton x 22' Pacific - New Orleans 1200-ton x 24 Verson - New Orleans 750-ton x 20' Pacific - Mobile  

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