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MCM designs and builds high speed fire/rescue, patrol and workboats. Winners of “Boat of the Year” 2010 at WorkBoat for the innovative Fire/Rescue boat built for Jacksonville FD. We also represent a line of Commercial workboats for Stanley Custom Boats. Drop by booth 580 to see our latest designs as well as the innovative stealth boat built with Brunswick Commercial.

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Firestorm 36

The FireStorm 36 is based around the first response needs of fire, rescue, EMS and police. The boat is designed around access and equipment storage for comprehensive emergency response capabilities. There are integrated specialized equipment storage lockers, devoted EMS equipment storage and a SCBA storage panel. One primary patient care berth is incorporated into the main cabin with a secondary patient care area in the cuddy that has a ceiling height of 6’5”. The walk around cabin and single level deck with handrails enable safe access to all areas of the boat outside the cabin. The large aft deck provides a great deal of flexibility for performing work, transporting equipment and helicopter operations. When fitted with two 1750 GPM rated firefighting pumps the FireStorm 36 can produce flow meter results of 4,000 GPM at 150 PSI and 4,800 GPM at 60 PSI for LDH shore hydrant supply. A remote operated monitor mounted on the cabin roof provides the primary firefighting capability from a dedicated console within the cabin and a secondary monitor is mounted on the bow. Two 2.5” discharge and a 5” Storz outlet are fitted on the aft deck. 

Firestorm 50

The FireStorm 50 has proven sea-keeping abilities offshore. Equipped with an onboard generator, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, the vessel is a comfortable mobile command center. The cabin includes a primary patient care berth with 2 secondary care berths in the cuddy. The boat can also be fit out with CBRN package customized to match the specific regional emergency management plan including crew protection, decontamination, agent detection and command functions. Two 3,500 GPM rated firefighting pumps can produce flow meter results of 7,600 GPM at 150 PSI and a triple pump arrangement has been tested to 11,200 GPM.

FireStorm 70

THE MOST ADVANCED FIREFIGHTING BOAT IN THE WORLD FireStorm 70 is a state of the art command center and high speed response vessel that meets NFPA Class 2. Part firehouse and part fireboat the cabin, cuddy, head and sleeping quarters enable the crew to stay on station for extended periods. Equipped with two onboard generators, heating, ventilation and air conditioning the vessel is a comfortable mobile command platform. The cabin includes a primary patient care berth with four secondary care berths in the cuddy and portable berths can be positioned in the aft equipment cabin. On board integrated storage for specialized equipment including: firefighting SCBA and hoses; emergency medical equipment; dive and SCUBA kits; and tactical gear. The FireStorm 70 can be equipped with an optional rescue craft secured on the roof of the aft cabin and paired with a crane for easy deployment and recovery. Four firefighting pumps can produce flow meter results of 14,000 GPM at 150 PSI and 17,000 GPM at 130 PSI and stream up to 450 feet with a roof mounted Stang monitor. As a shore hydrant, the FireStorm 70 can pump an impressive 7,000 GPM at 70 PSI through 1000 feet of hose from a 5” Storz outlet before staging pumps are required. Quad diesel inboard engines matched to water-jet propulsion units can propel the boat to speeds of 42 knots and allow the boat to perform emergency stops and change direction within three boat lengths. Large side, aft and roof windows provide added visibility and safety when working alongside other vessel or air units. A raised flush forward deck with aft recessed deck produces an incredibly dry ride and during very heavy seas the large bustle breaks waves before they reach the cabins forward raked windshield. AWARDS: The FireStorm 70 has been recognized by the marine industry as Workboat of the Year in 2009 by Marine News and Significant Workboat of the Year in 2010

High speed landing craft

High Capacity at High SpeedThe St. Lawrence Utility Landing Craft has been in production since 1991. It’s heavy load carrying and early planing characteristics allow it to be a fast cargo transporter. The modified V hull with planning flats provides much greater directional stability and heavy load condition performance than standard flat or V hull landing craft. The diesel water jet propulsion configuration is capable of high speed performance and experiences virtually no cavitation in difficult manoeuvring conditions. The landing craft can be used for applications such as: Fire Rescue, Salvage recovery, heavy equipment freighting. Having a gate at the bow, allows easy access to water or land. Available in sizes 20’-60’

Kingston 54-60 Patrol/Crew Boat

Fast Protected Marine Work Platform The Kingston 50 Crew Boat was designed to support the Dredging Division of the Panama Canal Authority. The large aft cabin mounted to the efficient Kingston hull shape makes the vessel a very versatile platform for personnel transport, patrol and marine research.

Kingston 32 Patrol

MetalCraft Marine US Inc.’s advanced design, engineering and aluminum fabrication with Brunswick Commercial and Government Products’ attention to detail in fitout (electrical, navigation, outboard propulsion and controls) made this tough and lightweight patrol boat that provides weather protection in a raised pilothouse while giving the captain all-around visibility. A cabin below provides crew amenities on long details. Numerous commercial-grade options available.

US Coast Guard 35’ Long Range Interceptor-II

MCM and BCGP has a multi-boat contract with US Coast Guard 35’ Long Range Interceptor-II to build eight 35’ Long Range Interceptor over the next four years.

Hybrid Patrol Boat

Patrol Boat-1 is the first ever electric powered patrol boat. MetalCraft Marine designed and built the boat for the City of Annapolis, MD Harbor Master. The boat utilizes a Steyr hybrid 306 diesel/electric engine (220kW (292hp) @4300rpm) that permits either electric power or for higher speeds, diesel power. The propulsor is a Hamilton 213 waterjet and Gearbox is ZF 63. The jet can propel the boat in electric patrol mode at 5 knots, as it approaches and checks boats in the harbor ensuring anchoring permits are valid. To get to other areas of the expansive harbour the diesel propels the boat to 30 knots and recharges the batteries.     The design challenge was how to provide enough battery power to meet the boat’s operational profile in such a small boat, 23’ X 8’6” and still be able to get on plane. The boat can perform its daily routine of approximately 5 hours on battery and 2 hours on diesel. This appears like a 70% saving in fuel but is actually a 22% saving as the Steyr would sip fuel at idle speeds.     MetalCraft designed the 48 volt battery pack, with high output solar assist panel array, around batteries that were commercial off the shelf 31 series high amphour batteries. This would allow Annapolis to easily change out the batteries as they aged. The batteries have a 4-6 year life expectancy. The reduction in overall engine maintenance is significant, including a major reduction in oil changes from 24 to 7.2 oil changes per year. This, added to 70% less engine wear, and the savings to operations start to add up.  

9M High Speed Patrol RHIB

Introducing MCM’s latest design, the 9M RHIB- High Speed Patrol Craft. Visit us for a tour at the show. Vessel Particulars: LOA  10.45M (34’3-1/2”), BOA  3.19M (10’5-1/2”), Speed  45-55 knots, Fuel Capacity  1000L (264 USG) and Engines 2 x 300-400 HP. 

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