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Markey Machinery has been the world leader since 1907 in towing winches, ship-assist and escort winches, anchor windlasses, capstans, and other custom designs for the workboat and scientific research industry. We build to your exacting specifications for all types of applications.

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CAST-6-125 Deep Sea Research WInch

The CAST-6-125 is a rugged, high capacitysingle drum (removable) oceanographic winch. This 3rd GenerationMarkey winch has a variable speed hydraulic drive, slip rings, adjustable electronic level-wind, and fully enclosed band brake for use with CTD’s, watersampling carousels and other research payloads.

DEPGF-48 Electric Hawser Winch

The MARKEY Type DEPGF-48 Hawser Winch is a winch specially designed to suit the handling requirements specified for ship assist and escort work. Using Markey’s patented Render/Recover ©system,the DEPCF-48 allows for “hands free” control of the winch during assist andescort operations increasing crew safety and severely reducing the chance of asnapped line scenario.  The DEPGF-48 also incorporates feedback encodersthat provide for full torque at continuous stall and an electric drive thatmeets all the requirements for ABS,USCG and IEEE-45. 

CEP-60 Electric Capstan

The CEP-60 Electric Capstan is a powerful line handling unit with a static bending capacity (at midline) of 75,000 lbs. The 20 HP single-speed CEP-60 includes a reversing electric drive with push button controls, and is configured for bolt-down installation with gearbox, electric motor, and automatic brake all protected below-deck. Components meet ABS, USCG, & IEEE-45 Rules.

WES-26-30 Electric Anchor Windlass

The WES-26-30 is a five-pocketsingle-wildcat two-speed electric anchor windlass with a 21" high-speed warping head, speciallydesigned for a trailing suction hopper dredge. All electrical components comply with ABS, USCG, and IEEE-45 standards

DESDF-48-200 Electric Class III Hawser Winch

The DESDF-48-200HP is a high-performance, three-speed 200HP divided-drum electric escort winch with Markey Render/Recover capabilities, adjustable tension and line scope (length) set-points, and a dynamic high-speed water-cooled slip-brake. NexGen control permits high-speed operations while protecting the motor from overspeed damage. Active line-tension monitoring during all winch activities and Level I redundancy is standard. This winch is available with above-deck or below-deck drive.

DESDF-48WF Class III Electric Hawser Winch

The DESDF-48WF is a high-performance,two-speed 760HP dual-drum ARR electric hawser winch with automatic render-recovercapabilities, adjustable tension and line scope set points and a dynamic high-speed water-cooledslip-brake capable of up to 440,000 lbs of holding power. Constant tension control andautomatic inhaul/payout speeds up to 975 ft/min permit full hands-free operation, with activeline-tension monitoring during all winch activities.

TYS-32 Hydraulic Towing Winch

The TYS-32 is a single-drum hydraulictowing winch with fairleader, featuring lightweight construction, a high-capacitypneumatic brake, and two speed ranges. Its rugged, reliable,low-maintenance design is well-suitedfor new/retrofit vessels and all towing applications.

TESD-32-100HP Electric Towing Winch

The TESD-32-100HP is a ruggeddouble-drum electric towing winch with high line-pull and braking capacity. The unit has afairlead and warping head, and is designed specifically for offshore towing or anchor-handlingapplications. Ruggedly built to provide decades of high performance with low maintenancerequirements, all electrical components comply with ABS, USCG, and IEEE-45 standards.

DESMG-18 Electric Mooring WInch

The DESMG-18(L/R) is a versatilesingle-drum electric mooring winch with gypsy, for use withsoft line or wire-rope. It featuresreliable power-in/power-out control and clutched freewheeloperation. The winch is offered ineither right-hand or left-hand configuration. All electricalcomponents comply with ABS, USCG, andIEEE-45 Marine Rules.


The VEP-23-70 electricCapstan-Windlass is a vertical-style windlass with 6-pocket wildcat for stud link chain (5-pocketwildcat on the VEP-25-70), plus a capstan for line handling. These rugged devices feature powerful25 HP reversing electric drives w/pushbutton control and enclosure. Electrical systemscomply with ABS, USCG, and IEEE-45 Marine Rules.

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