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Since 1939, Maritime Reporter and Engineering News has been the industry standard for maritime industry news. Our circulation remains the largest available, directly requested by more than 36,042 verified individuals. Maritime Reporter is the most efficient ad buy reaching the international shipbuilding, ship repair and marine equipment markets.

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Maritime Reporter & Engineering News

Maritime Reporter & Engineering News is the flagship publication of the Maritime Media Network, the maritimesector’s largest network of print and electronic media, reaching the globalindustry’s highest combined business circulation. As the leader in the market,we deliver in-depth insights and crucial data to the maritime sector’s mostinfluential audience. Our advertisers benefit from our unsurpassed reach and unshakable reputation.

Marine News

Like the workboat industry it serves, Marine News Magazine works hard, delivering the best news and editorial available for the North American shallow draft market. Tracing its history back to the turn of the century, Marine News is steeped in the tradition and history of the great companies that made our industry strong. Today, it remains the leading publication of the workboat Industry with a BPA verified circulation of 30,078. 

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