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Marine Rescue Technologies (MRT) distributes marine safety equipment approved by United States Coast Guard, the EU Marine Equipment Directive and SOLAS/IMO.

MRT focuses on man overboard alerts, alarms, locators and retrieval systems that exceed local safety requirements and have been widely adopted by leaders in safety.

We offer a number of retrieval systems (Jason’s Cradle & Markus Lifenets) that are designed to the new SOLAS standard (III/-17) and will meet or exceed USCG standards for recovery of an unconscious person in the water.

MRT also custom-designs its AutoCrew solution for tracking of personnel on board (POB). Components of the system include automated POB Management, automated muster, gangway management, access control, flight logistics, bunk management, customized reporting, Permit to Work and Certificate Tracking.

Products & Services


Markus Scramble Net

The Markus scramble net is a lightweight, transportable retrieval system for the recovery of both conscious and unconscious MOB's from the water. Built to current SOLAS and USCG standards, the Markus scramble net can be used as a climbing device, an escape system and a par buckling system to retrieve a person out of the water horizontally. Available in a wide range of widths and lengths for use on FRC's, tug boats, decks, platforms, passenger vessels and other commercial boats. Since the implementation of SOLAS III/17-1 it is now incumbent on all commercial vessels to have in place effective plans and procedures for the retrieval of persons from the water. 

Markus MS.10

The MarkusNet is a multi-functional recovery system which provides a host of options for the rescue of a man over board (MOB), including recovery of a person from the deck or assisted in water rescue with trained personnel. MarkusNet is manufactured for all types and sizes of deck boats, ships, piers, dams, canal walls and offshore platformsSince the implementation of SOLAS III/17-1 it is now incumbent on all commercial vessels to have in place effective plans and procedures for the retrieval of persons from the water. 


Designed and built in accordance with current Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment and SOLAS regulations, the MateSaver is suitable for arduous marine environments and essential to any overboard recovery. Available in two sizes, the 2.6 meter and the 3.6 meter. 

Jason's Cradle

A proven solution to man overboard retrieval, the Jason's Cradle can be used as a climbing device and also enables horizontal lift to safely retrieve MOB's (both conscious and unconscious) from the water. The Jason's Cradle is used around the globe by offshore, military, rescue agencies, coastguards, passenger liners, super yachts and RIB operations. Since the implementation of SOLAS III/17-1 it is now incumbent on all commercial vessels to have in place effective plans and procedures for the retrieval of persons from the water. 

Reach and Rescue

The Reach and Rescue Poles are a range of specialist, super long telescopic pole tools that make distant retrieval much easier for today's rescuers. Available in 4 collapsible sizes, the Reach and Rescue poles allow you to quickly reach up to a 60 ft. Reach and Rescue offers a wide range of attachments & accessories to ensure your application is covered. 

easyONE with DSC (A10901)

The new easyONE-DSC unit from WeatherDock is a combined AIS MOB/DSC martime survivor locating device (MSLD) with full automatic activation. For use in any inflatable life jacket, the easyONE, once activated will alert immediately via "closed loop" on DSC back to the host vessel. Once GPS coordinates are reached all other vessels within a 3-7 mile range will be notified of the MOB event allowing for a collaborative rescue effort. 


SOLAS approved, water activated AIS S.A.R.T. for man overboard events. In the event of a MOB, the unit is automatically activated and will send GPS coordinates back to all vessels within range, allowing for a collaborative rescue effort. Designed for both inflatables and non-inflatables, the easyRESCUE provides the longest transmission time (96hrs.), range (5-15 miles) and outputted power (2W) on the market. 


SOLAS approved, water activated AIS S.A.R.T. with DSC for man overboard eventsDesigned for inflatable life jackets, once activated the unit will send immediate "closed loop" alert back to the host vessel via DSC. Once GPS coordinates are reached, the unit will broadcast AIS back to all vessels withing range (5-15 miles). 

Wamblee W400

Water activated 121.5 MHz man overboard device. Designed for use with inflatables or non inflatables, and ability to pair up with any existing 121.5 MHz receiver. 

AutoCrew Certificate Tracking

AutoCrew Certificate Tracking provides an electronic, automated, and streamlined response to the traditional hardcopy filing system of the past. The Certificate Tracking software has been designed to function either as standalone program, or as a feature of a more comprehensive network of AutoCrew Management System options. Certificate Tracking is scalable to your needs; from the in-house management of a single vessel to the monitoring of a fleet of vessels/locations from a head office.  

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