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Global service & electronics provider representing 50 leading & specialty Communication, Navigation, Anti-Pollution & Safety/Security vendors. Arranges 24/7 service, repair, installation & inspection for all marine & offshore class & size vessels from 40 Mackay locations or 90 partner agents.

Mackay has a dedicated satellite services team and offers project management, bridge system integration, custom consoles, in-depth regulatory knowledge, flag & name change services, GMDSS shore-based maintenance certification, lump-sum annuals pricing, and has an extensive spares inventory.

Our goal is to keep vessels on-the-move by meeting the needs and schedules of ship captains, owners, and fleet managers of all commercial marine, offshore, fishing, passenger, and brown-water vessels. In operation for 135+ years.

Products & Services


Mackay Marine's I.E.S.S (Integrated Efficiency Safety Security)

Mackay Marine's I.E.S.S. (Integrated Efficiency Safety & Security) system fills shipboard safety and security gaps by recording IPCamera, Audio, and UHF Radio Traffic; and uses efficiency algorithms to analyze shipboard propulsion auxiliary sensors, all while centralizing this data on-board or ashore

Inmarsat Fleet Xpress for OSV

FX is a reliable high-speed VSAT and unlimited FleetBroadband-backup; with new high-power antennas offering CIRs up to 10Mbps-down and 5Mbps-up. FX has flexibility to change bandwidth as often as weekly to suit your operations and budget and Charterer plans provide separate committed bandwidth billed separately. Image Credit:,By jpg, DXR [CC BY-SA 4.0]

VAF Instruments IVY®

IVY enables ship-to-shore data collection, enrichment & analysis to manage & improve propulsion performance. VAF is the marine measurement system market leader & preferred supplier of 100 shipyards. Mackay Marine is VAF’s exclusive U.S. representative, joining VAF’s worldwide network of 70 agents.

VAF Instruments TT-Sense®

TT-Sense® is a Thrust & Torque Measurement system that separates propeller performance from hull resistance. VAF is the marine measurement system market leader & preferred supplier of 100 shipyards. Mackay Marine is VAF’s exclusive U.S. representative, joining VAF’s worldwide network of 70 agents.

Lars Thrane A/S - Iridium LT3100 & GMDSS Terminal

LarsThrane A/S has developed advanced sensor-based navigation equipment & communication solutions (via Iridium’s new satellite network).  Iridium products to-date include the LT-3100 fixed phone, with a modular antenna and extendable single coax cable, beneficial for citadel or bridge use (an enhanced replacement for SC4000, EOL), and an Iridium-based GMDSS terminal.

KVH TracPhone V7 HTS (High Throughput Satellite Terminal)

Expanding its offerings to the commercial Ku-band VSAT market, KVH’s new V-7 HTS terminal & iDirect-X7 Integrated CommBox Modem, provide customers with better global coverage, 3-4 times faster data speeds, and offers free unlimited data for crew welfare; utilizing Intelsat’s new EPIC satellites.

Brimtek’s EdgeVis Live (Digital Barriers)

EdgeVis Live is a real-time video transmission platform designed to thrive in the variable and low-bandwidth network environments where other approaches fail. Our maritime video encoders stream with near-zero latency using 60% less bandwidth than standard technologies. EdgeVis Live is also a true plug-and-play solution, offering scalability and compatibility with a wide range of cameras, transmission networks (e.g., cellular, Wi-Fi, radio, Satcom) and video management systems.  

AXIS Communications

Axis offers intelligent security solutions thatenable a smarter, safer world.  As the global market leader in network video,Axis is driving the industry by continually launching innovative networkproducts based on an open platform - delivering high value to customers througha global partner network.

SAILOR Fleet One Optimized with Mackay's Selectable Connectivity Options Kit

Combining a Sailor Fleet One or ThalesVesseLINK satellite connectivity with LTE, data failover, and firewallfunctionality from an Optimizer Premier, Mackay’s custom connectivity kits arebuilt to your specifications and fully integrated as a “plug and play”solution. Available options include Wi-Fi range extenders, Push-To-Talk,optimized web and email, asset tracking, captive portal for crew access, andmore

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