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Leading Technology Composites was founded in 1993 and quickly developed a reputation as one of the leading designers and manufacturers of ballistic protection products and systems. We serve civilian, law enforcement and defense markets with our innovative light-weight composite solutions. From our company’s founding we have designed and produced composite armor for watercraft, aircraft and ground vehicle programs. As such, we have led the industry in innovative application development as well as creating state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities. We serve our customers with a wide variety of capabilities, everything from complete product design, prototyping and testing, to full rate manufacturing. In addition to our design and manufacturing capabilities, we have the in-house capability to perform state-of-the-art ballistic testing, compliant with the National Institute of Justice standards. We test using everything from 9mm handgun up to 14.5mm heavy machine gun.

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Light-Weight Composite Armor Systems

Leading Technology Composites is known as the industry's leading developer and manufacturer of composite armor systems for watercraft applications.  Our proprietary processing methods allow us to create armor products that typically exceed customer weight requirements while meeting the most stringent ballistic specifications.  Additionally, we consider secondary armor requirements such as chemical and fluids resistance, temperature exposure requirements and edge impact performance to name a few.

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