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Soft Mount Package for isolating your vessel from propulsion system vibration; includes the RT steel-bolted rubber coupling and the BR-T steel spring-thrust carrying isolators for superior vibration isolation.

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Soft Mount System

Steel Spring Vibration Isolators

Isolators deigned for high horizontal and vertical loads:The BR4-TLS isolator incorporates a limit stop to prevent excessive vertical and rocking motion. They incorporate special thrust carryng devices which allow them to carry full thrust load without "locking up".

On-Line Adjustable Torque Limiter

The Lo-Rez adjustable torque limiter (U.S. Patent 9255612) has been developed for drive lines requiring protection from torque overload, without the downtime while replacing shear pins. A special version allows the release torque to be adjusted during operation; the unit can also be reset on-line.

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