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Liquid Controls (LC) designs & manufactures Positive Displacement, LCMass Coriolis Mass Flow, Electronic Registers, and metering accessories. LC configures these products into complete metering systems to match the custody transfer application.
Liquid Controls products are available worldwide through a network of trained, full service distributors.
Liquid Controls is a business unit of the IDEX Corporation’s Energy and Fuels group which supports customers worldwide with applied solutions designed to move, measure, and manage high-value fluids and gases.

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M-Series & MS-Series Flowmeters  The time-proven design of Liquid Controls' (LC) M-Series and MS-Series positive displacement flowmeters has delivered sustained accuracy and a low cost of ownership since 1954. LC flowmeters meter with no metal-to-metal contact inside the measuring chamber. LC’s unique design results in minimal wear, sustained accuracy, and low operating costs. LC’s innovative design also results in minimal resistance to flow and the ability to operate on pump pressure or gravity feed. That means efficient performance and low pressure drop across the flowmeter. Low pressure drop combined with minimum seal or slippage area produces outstanding accuracy over a wide range of flow. The simplicity in design and high quality manufacturing make LC flowmeters more reliable and less costly to operate than other meters.  Multiple installation configurations provide greater mounting versatility.  In many cases, you can replace your existing meter with an LC meter with minimal disruption to system piping and components.  Sponlser Flowmeters  Sponsler precision turbine flowmeters measure volume using a precision-crafted, hydraulically-balanced rotor in the flow stream. The AC sine-wave output of the rotor is translated into useful flow rate data by Sponsler flow totalizers and batching systems. Sponsler precision turbine flowmeters are manufactured to handle a variety of applications including high pressures and hazardous liquids and gases. For more than 30 years, the compact and rugged design of Sponsler precision turbine flowmeters have set the industry standard in flow measurement for high accuracy and reliability under severe operating conditions.

LCMass Corriolis Mass Flow Meter

LCMass Coriolis Mass Flow Metering Systems are available for applications demanding the highest flow and density accuracy, high temperatures, and cryogenic use. Weights and Measures approved for a range of liquids and compressed gas. 

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