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For over 70 years The L.C. Doane Company has manufactured lighting for the toughest marine applications. Beginning with shipboard lighting for the U.S. Navy and now for commercial marine applications, L.C. Doane lights have set the standard for rugged reliability on shipboard and offshore installations.  With complete manufacturing facilities for design through fabrication in Ivoryton, CT, L.C. Doane can provide the lights you need for your high abuse applications. Come see our full line of LED lighting fixtures.

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M2#012: Product name is M2.  Description: A surface mount, light weight LED fixture for use in high moisture areas, work stations, passageways, engine rooms, gas and oil platforms.  Housing is fire resistant glass reinforced polyester and has a factory installed stuffing tube.  Fixture is made with quick release lens retainers and thumbscrew fasteners on the reflector for easy servicing.  The M2 carries an IP 65 and UL 1598A Marine ratings.


M422A low profile marine grade recessed wall or step light.  The fixture is watertight and is available with louvers or an open face with an acrylic lens.  Illumination is provided by either a 12 or 17 watt LED array.


M450#017: Product name is M450.  Description: A versatile compact LED fixture designed for bunks, mirrors, desks or passageways.  Available in several sizes from 12” to 48” with lighted on/off switch and convenience outlet. Also available with USB port. Carries IP55 and UL 1598A Marine ratings.


M711#013: Product name is M711.  Description: A 2 foot or 4 foot LED fixture for Dampa style ceilings.  Fixture is made to mount in either the perpendicular or parallel positions in the ceiling, eliminating the need to notch panels.  Can be supplied with an emergency driver.


M800#018: Product name is M800.  Description: A rugged class 1, division 2, group A, B, C and D hazardous location fixture.  Carries IP55 and UL 1598A Marine ratings for use in corrosive environments, offshore platforms, wet locations, processing plants and engine rooms.  Manufactured in either marine grade aluminum or stainless steel for long life.  Latch rails provide easy access  for lamp replacement.  Mounting is by stainless steel swivel brackets.  Choice of lenses includes acrylic, polycarbonate or tempered glass.  Accommodates 32 watt T8, 40 watt T12 or 60 watt HO lamps.


ML290#014: Product name is ML290.  Description: This 4-3/4” diameter fixture uses red, green or white LED’s for a light source.  An excellent choice for small spaces, detail lighting or refrigerated areas.  Four lens choices include red, green, white or clear prismatic.  LED’s provide long life and reduced maintenance.

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